International Agents

Memorial University works closely with select educational agents/consultants who are trained to support prospective students in their application for undergraduate studies. While every agent that requests to work with Memorial does not receive a contract, our contracted agents go through a vigorous vetting and training process. If you wish to become an agent to recruit undergraduate students for Memorial, you may contact If the university is interested in your agency services, a representative will reach out. While an overview of your company’s services would be helpful, please do NOT send attachments with your email.

Agent checklist to assist prospective students

Follow these steps to help guide your students to successfully apply to their chosen program and then enrol as a student at Memorial University.

1. Find out more

Check out the rest of the  Undergraduate Admissions and Programs website to learn more about Memorial’s undergraduate programs, admission requirements, campuses, the city, services, student experience and more. 

2. Make the application

The undergraduate application for admission is available online. The application fee is $120 CAD for international students. This fee is payable by credit card (MasterCard or Visa only). Students need to create an application login ID and PIN. They will need to remember their login ID and PIN so they can return to their application later.

If a student is unable to apply online, contact the Admissions Office to inquire about their options.

The priority application deadlines for general admission are as follows:

  • March 1 for the fall semester (starting September)
  • October 1 for the winter semester (starting January)
  • February 1 for the spring semester (starting May)

The main intake for most programs is in the fall semester, and for some programs fall is the only intake available. Students can typically apply to our arts, business, and science programs for any of the three semesters.

3. Is English as a Second Language training required?

Students who do not meet the minimum English language proficiency requirements may be granted provisional undergraduate admission if they also apply for Memorial University’s English as a second language program. A separate application form and fee is required.

4. Submit the documents

From high school/secondary students or previous graduates, we require:

  • an interim transcript (official or unofficial) for the study that is currently in progress
  • confirmation of current high school course registration (if not included in the transcript)
  • a final official high school transcript and/or certificate (upon completion of final exams)
  • supplementary information/documents for competitive-entry programs
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • the Admissions Representative Waiver form permitting Memorial University to communicate with an agent regarding a student’s application

From transfer students who have attended other recognized post-secondary institutions, we require:

  • an official high school transcript and certificate
  • an interim transcript (official or unofficial) for the study that is currently in progress
  • a final official transcript, once final grades are available for courses that were in progress at the time of submitting an application 
  • official course outlines for transfer credit assessment
  • supplementary information/documents for
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • A release form permitting Memorial University to communicate with an agent regarding a student’s application

Before submitting documents, we recommend reviewing information about the supporting documents required for admission.

5. Look for housing

There is a separate application for student housing on campus. Staff from Student Residences and Student Housing can help you find on-campus and off-campus accommodations in St. John’s and in Corner Brook, respectively.

The Internationalization Office's housing coordinator can provide information on housing for international students.

6. Get ready

We encourage you and your students to review our international student checklist, which covers information about what to do before and after arrival to Memorial, including information about study permits, course registration, airport pick-up, and welcome/orientation.

Please bear in mind that the application process for the entry visa and the study permit happens directly through Citizenship and Immigration Canada and NOT through Memorial University. A letter of acceptance from Memorial University will be necessary to complete your Study Permit application.

If you have any questions, contact the Admissions Office.