Joint bachelor of commerce (co-operative) and bachelor of arts

Students pursuing the joint degrees of bachelor of commerce (co-operative) and bachelor of arts will typically take the following courses in their first year:

Mathematics 10901000 or 10051 Mathematics 1000 or 1005 or BA core requirement course1
Economics 1010 or 10202 Economics 1010 or 10202
English 10903 English or critical reading and writing (CRW) course in subject of your BA major3
Business 10004 BA core requirement course
BA major program course5 BA major program course5
  1. Selection of a mathematics course depends on your background and ability. Students should refer to the math course criteria chart prior to selecting a first-semester course. Math 1000 or 1005 is required for the bachelor of commerce (co-operative) program. Students may take Math 1090 in the fall semester and Math 1000 or 1005 in the winter semester, or Math 1000 or 1005 in the fall semester and a bachelor of arts (BA) core requirements course in the winter semester.

  2. These courses may be taken in any order in either semester.

  3. For the BA, students must complete a minimum of six credit hours in the study of a single language, other than English. Students whose first language is not English and who do not meet the standards for entry into regular first-year English courses may use English 1020 and 1021 to fulfill this requirement. Such students are permitted to complete up to an additional six credit hours in Department of English Critical Reading and Writing courses at the 1000 level in order to fulfill the Critical Reading and Writing Requirement

  4. Business 1000 may be taken in either semester.

  5. By the end of your first year, you should discuss your program with the head of the department of your intended BA major program to make sure that the required courses will be available within the constraints of course scheduling and prerequisites.

For assistance with course selection and program information, contact the Faculty of Business Administration's Academic Programs Office.

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