Bachelor of Nursing

Students accepted to the bachelor of nursing (collaborative) program at the Western Regional School of Nursing will normally take the following courses in their first year:

Nursing 1002 Nursing 1012
Nursing 1003 Nursing 1014
Nursing 1004 Nursing 1015
Nursing 1017 (this is a one-credit course) Nursing 1016
English 1000 Nursing 1520
(3 week course in April-May)
Biochemistry 1430

Students applying to nursing next year

Students who plan on applying to the bachelor of nursing (collaborative) program in the following year, must complete the required biology and/or chemistry courses if they have not completed the required high school courses.

In addition, they may complete non-nursing courses which are required in the BN Program, but are not required for admission. These courses include:

  • six credit hours in English critical reading and writing courses
  • Psychology 1000
  • three credit hours in either sociology, anthropology or archaeology
  • three credit hours in Philosophy or Religious Studies 2610
  • Statistics 1510 or 2500 (or equivalent) or Education 2900 (Education 2900 is reserved for Education students. Students who have received credit for a minimum of 18 credit hours may be able to register for this course if space permits once the reserves are lifted.)
  • three credit hours in electives

Completion of these non-nursing courses does not guarantee acceptance into the BN Program. Students should seek advice from Academic Advising at Grenfell Campus prior to registering for required non-nursing courses.

Contact information

For assistance with course selection, contact Grenfell Campus Academic Advising.

For additional program information, visit the Western Regional School of Nursing or contact the Undergraduate Nursing Admissions Office.