General and competitive entry programs

General admission

General admission means that you must meet the minimum admission requirements of the University to be admitted. General admission allows for an early acceptance decision so you can apply for a study permit or register for courses while you await competitive-entry program decisions.

Students applying for admission to one of the following programs are reviewed for general admission:

St. John's campus

*Admission to all science majors as well as arts majors in computer science, pure mathematics, psychology and statistics require the completion of specified university level courses. Direct admission to these majors is not available. Students interested in completing these programs should select "general admission" on the application for admission.

Grenfell Campus

Non-degree, visiting and exchange students are not reviewed for general admission, and must submit a new application for admission if they wish to complete a credential. Other current Memorial University students and applicants with verified acceptance who wish to change between general admission programs or majors should contact for assistance.

Competitive entry program admission

If you're applying to a competitive entry program, some of these programs will have additional admission requirements and higher standards than those for general admission. Standards may fluctuate slightly from year to year depending on the caliber of applicants. Meeting minimum application and admission requirements does not guarantee admission to these programs.

Applications for these programs are forwarded directly to the academic unit for consideration. If you are unsuccessful with admission to a competitive entry program, you can still be considered for a general admission program

Direct entry

Most applicants who apply for direct admission into a competitive entry program are reviewed first for general admission in either bachelor of arts or bachelor of science. For example, bachelor of engineering applicants will be considered first for bachelor of science general admisson.

If you have previously attended a Canadian post-secondary institution (other than College of the North Atlantic), you will only be considered for direct admission to the competitive entry degree program.

Direct entry into the following competitive entry programs is possible:

Once your application is received and/or assessed for general admission eligibility, your application will be forwarded to the academic unit for consideration. Decisions will be made by the academic unit and communicated to you via email.

Non-direct entry

Direct admission to some of our competitive entry programs is not available. Applications to programs with non-direct entry are forwarded directly to the academic unit for consideration.

If you're seeking admission to one of the following programs, you must complete a certain number of university level courses (varies by program) before admission:

If you're seeking admission to one of the following programs, you must hold a bachelor's degree:

  1. All inquiries, applications, and forms regarding admission to the doctor of medicine should be directed to the Faculty of Medicine's Admissions Office.