Historical studies

Why study historical studies?

The Historical studies program at Grenfell Campus focuses on how western societies, cultures and nations have evolved from the days of Greece and Rome to the present.

Your learning will culminate with a final independent project. You'll bring together all of your learning to write an essay on any topic of your choice and delve into areas of history that excite you.

Sample first year

Each student is on their own individual learning path. The bachelor of arts with a major in historical studies is comprised of 120 credit hours (40 courses). It is important that students work with an advisor to ensure suitable course selection and determine an appropriate course load as students have the option of doing up to 15 credit hours (5 courses) per semester.

Below is a sample first year chart with the recommended first year courses for the bachelor of arts with a major in historical studies:

English 1000 English 1001
History 1100 History 1101
elective or course in minor area elective or course in minor area
elective elective
elective elective

Career opportunities

  • law
  • journalism
  • public administration
  • education
  • museum/archival studies
  • library and information science
  • graduate studies
  • public policy

Contact information

For additional information, visit the School of Arts and Social Science or contact Dr. Bonnie White.