Newfoundland and Labrador high school applicants: missing requirement

The advice below is important if you are missing one or more of the requirements for verified acceptance to Memorial University for the fall semester, based upon your final high school transcript, and you wish to retain your registration eligibility until your admission status is resolved.

Final admission average

Learn more about how we calculate your admission average for verified acceptance.

Meet the requirements for this fall

If you were granted early acceptance, and any of the following applies to you, your registration eligibility will be maintained if you contact the Office of the Registrar no later than Aug. 20:

  • You believe that your high school transcript may contain an error and you have contacted your school to investigate. Any changes to your high school transcript will be received by the university from the Department of Education automatically.
  • You have applied to Memorial University's Academic Bridging Program (separate application form and admission requirements).
  • You plan to request consideration under the special admissions category. All of the required supporting documentation for special admissions should be provided as soon as possible.

We will continue to monitor your records with the Department of Education for any changes that may affect your eligibility for verified acceptance. If we are able to confirm that you meet the requirements for verified acceptance to Memorial, your application will be updated and we will contact you by email right away.

Meet the requirements for next fall

College of the North Atlantic

If you do not meet the requirements for undergraduate admission at Memorial, you may be eligible for acceptance to one of the following programs offered by the College of the North Atlantic (CNA):

These programs are only available at some CNA campuses. Interested students should visit the CNA website for program and application information or contact their nearest CNA campus.

Other admission questions

All other admission inquiries can be directed to Use your address for email inquiries if you were previously offered early acceptance.