Bachelor of physical education

Students pursuing a bachelor of physical education will typically take the following courses in their first year:

HKR 2000 HKR 2500 
English 1090 critical reading and writing (CRW) course 
lab science course (biologychemistry and physics are recommended) lab science course (biologychemistry and physics are recommended) 
1000-level Mathematics course1 1000-level Mathematics course
minor/academic discipline course minor/academic discipline course 
  1. Students who complete Mathematics 1000 in their first semester must include an additional 3 credit hours from a non-HKR course.

For assistance with course selection and program information, first-year students who have been accepted to an HKR degree program should contact the HKR Academic Program Officer.

For assistance prior to admission to an HKR degree, contact the Academic Advising Centre

Learn more about the bachelor of physical education and visit the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation for more information.