Bachelor of fine arts (theatre)

The bachelor of fine arts (BFA) (theatre) requires 120 credit hours over a four-year period.

The core of the degree consists of:

  • 75 credit hours in theatre
  • 15 credit hours in dramatic literature

Students major in acting or technical theatre production, but the courses in dramatic literature are common to both areas.

In addition, theatre students are required to take:

  • six credit hours in first-year English
  • six credit hours in art history
  • 18 credit hours in electives

Admission requirements

In addition to meeting the general academic requirements of the university, applicants for the BFA (theatre) must audition/interview to the satisfaction of the department. Enrolment in the program is limited and selection is competitive. Applications submitted by February 1 will be reviewed and considered for priority acceptance. March 31 is the regular application deadline for the fall semester. Late applications will be considered as time and resources permit. 

Sample first year

Students accepted to the bachelor of fine arts (theatre) at Grenfell Campus will normally take the following courses in their first year:

English 1000 English 1001
Theatre 1000 Theatre 1001
Theatre 1010 Theatre 1110 or 1120
Theatre 1020 elective
elective elective

Contact information

For additional information, visit the School of Fine Arts or contact Renate Pohl.