English language requirement

As English is the primary language of instruction at Memorial University, all applicants are required to meet our English language requirements in order to meet the general admission requirements of the University. 

English proficiency will be based on one of the following methods:

1. English language secondary institution

Successful completion of three years of full-time instruction in an English language secondary institution including the completion of English at the Grade 12 or equivalent level. English as a Second Language (ESL) courses will not meet this requirement.

Most Canadian high school applicants will meet the English language requirement through this method. International high school applicants should review the English language proficiency section of the requirements page specific to their curriculum. Medium of instruction letters are not accepted.

2. English language post-secondary institution

Successful completion of 30 credit hours (or equivalent) at a recognized post-secondary institution where English is the language of instruction. These 30 credit hours must include six transferable credit hours in acceptable English (literature) courses. Transfer credit evaluation requires official documents to be submitted and typically takes four to eight weeks to complete. Medium of instruction letters are not accepted.

3. Memorial University's Intensive English Program

Successful completion of Memorial University's English as a Second Language program with an acceptable score on an English proficiency test administered by the University. This program is offered at the Grenfell Campus.

4. Partner English language programs

Successful completion of one of the following:

5. Standardized tests

Submission of an official report, confirming the achievement of a minimum required score on an approved standardized English proficiency test.