General Science

Students must complete a general science core and must choose three of the following streams: biology, chemistry, Earth systems, math and physics.

Sample first year

Students pursuing a bachelor of science with a major in general science at Grenfell Campus will normally take the following courses in their first year:

Mathematics 1000 or 1090 Mathematics 1001 or 1000
English 1000 English 1001
first of two courses in a first laboratory science* second of two courses in a first laboratory science*
first of two courses in a second laboratory science* second of two courses in a second laboratory science*
Physics 1020 or 1050 or elective Physics 1021 or 1051 or elective
  1. Students choose 3 of 5 streams from Biology, Chemistry, Earth Systems, Mathematics, and Physics in consultation with the Program Chair or their advisor. To complete their programs in a timely manner, students are advised to choose their streams as soon as possible.
  2. Laboratory sciences are to be chosen from the following: Biology 1001 and 1002; Chemistry 1200 (or 1810) and 1001 (or 1200); Earth Sciences 1000 and 1002.
  3. The same laboratory science selected in the all semester has to be completed in the winter semester, i.e., if you complete Biology 1001 in the fall semester you must complete Biology 1002 in the winter semester.
  4. Students completing Chemistry 1810/1200 in the fall and winter semesters should take Chemistry 1001 in Intersession. Students completing Math 1090/1000 in the fall and Winter semesters should take Math 1001 in Intersession.
  5. Students choosing the Physics stream are strongly advised to choose Mathematics as one of their other two streams.

Career opportunities

Possible career opportunities for graduates:

  • education
  • science and laboratory technologist
  • science journalism
  • medicine and related areas
  • patent or other areas of the law

Contact information

For additional information, visit the School of Science and the Environment or contact Dr. Robert Bailey.