Social/cultural studies

This four-year bachelor of arts program explores the rituals, norms, beliefs, conflicts, and traditions that underpin culture and society. By studying present and past cultural practices, and social and cultural shifts, students engage critically with important issues such as medical systems, the influences of mass media, global issues and trends, and the formation of group and personal identities. This program encourages students to learn about and contribute to contemporary debates on social and cultural issues that affect their daily lives and futures.

Why study social/cultural studies at Grenfell?

Grenfell's social/cultural studies provides you with a broad, multidisciplinary education in contemporary social and cultural phenomena.

Our practical fieldwork courses involve original field research with human participants, and provides a broad range of skills applicable to many areas of employment after graduation.

Sample first year

Students pursuing a bachelor of arts with a major in social/cultural studies at Grenfell Campus will normally take the following courses in their first year:

English 1000 English 1001
Sociology 1000 designated quantitative reasoning and analysis (QRA) course
Folklore 1000 Anthropology 1031
Historical Studies 1100 elective
elective elective

Career opportunities

  • social research
  • governmental and non-governmental organizations
  • healthcare and medicine
  • community and rural development
  • public relations
  • law
  • education
  • journalism
  • cultural heritage preservation and promotion
  • social work
  • human resources
  • criminology/policing

Contact information

For additional information, visit the School of Arts and Social Science or contact Dr. Angela Robinson.