Bachelor of science

The bachelor of science degree (general or honours) requires the completion of 120 credit hours chosen to satisfy the general regulations for the degree. In the Faculty of Science, it is necessary to declare a major program and it is optional to declare a minor program. You are strongly encouraged to choose the subject of your major program after finishing your first year of study. During your first year of university, you should contact the department of your desired major for academic advice on program choices and course scheduling. Contact information for departments is available on each of the following majors pages listed below.


At the St. John's campus majors are available in:


At the St. John's campus minors are available in:

  • all of the Faculty of Science major programs
  • business administration
  • engineering and applied science (for chemistry majors)
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences subject areas
  • international business
  • music and culture
  • music history
  • sustainable aquaculture and fisheries ecology
Joint degree of bachelor of arts and bachelor of science

The Faculty of Science in partnership with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences also offers a joint degree of bachelor of arts and bachelor of science

Bachelor of science in nutrition (dietetics option)

Under the terms of a memorandum of understanding between Memorial University and Acadia University, selected students are able to complete the first two years of Acadia University’s bachelor of science in nutrition (dietetics option) at Memorial University and complete the final two years of the program at Acadia University.