International bachelor of arts

Students pursuing the international bachelor of arts will normally take the following courses in their first year:

English 1090
(critical reading and writing (CRW) course)
CRW course from major subject area
language study (LS) course LS course 
quantitative reasoning (QR) course QR course
major program course major program course
elective (international studies (IS) course recommended) elective (IS course recommended)

Degree requirements

An international bachelor of arts (iBA) degree requires the completion of 120 credit hours which include:

  • major or honours program
  • minor (or second major) program
  • core requirements of the bachelor of arts
    • breadth of knowledge
    • critical reading and writing (CRW)
    • language study (LS)
    • quantitative reasoning (QR)
  • additional university-level LS courses
  • international studies (IS) courses
  • participation in either an international study or internship placement requiring residency outside of Canada

Additional language study requirements

You must complete 12 credit hours in LS courses as outlined by the Faculty's LS requirements:

  • six credit hours in university-level study of a single language to satisfy the LS requirement
  • six additional credit hours in eligible LS courses

International studies course requirements

You must complete a minimum of 24 credit hours in designated IS courses as outlined by the Faculty's IS requirements.

Future course offerings

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences posts anticipated future course offerings to help you plan your degree.

Contact information

For assistance with course selection, contact the Academic Advising Centre.

For additional information please visit the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences or contact Renée Shute.