Bachelor of fine arts (visual arts)

The bachelor of fine arts (BFA) (visual arts) is a professional program designed to educate and train students in the history, theory and practice of the visual arts. Courses are offered in drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, digital imaging, performance, fibres and textiles, inter-media art, and art history/visual culture. In addition to studio and art history/visual culture courses, students will take 24 credit hours in appropriate academic courses chosen in consultation with the department (6 of the 24 elective credit hours are required to be English). The BFA in Visual Arts is a 120-credit hour degree program that can be completed in four or more years.

Admission requirements

In addition to meeting the general admission requirements of the university, applicants for the BFA (visual arts) will be required to submit a portfolio of previous artwork and a completed departmental application form generally before March 1 of the year in which entry is sought. Enrolment in the program is limited and selection competitive.

Sample first year

Students accepted to the bachelor of fine arts (visual arts) at Grenfell Campus will normally take the following courses in their first year:

English 1000 English 1001
Visual Arts 27001 Visual Arts 27011
Visual Arts 1911 9 credit hours in 1000 level studio courses 
9 credit hours in 1000 level studio courses
  1. This is an Art History/Visual Culture course

Contact information

For additional information, visit the School of Fine Arts or contact D’Arcy Wilson.