I've Applied. Now What?

1. Prepare and submit your documents

Supporting documents required

We outline the supporting documents required for admission and how to submit your documents on the admission requirement pages. How you submit your documents depends on your category of admission and the admission requirements specific to you:

Submitting your documents

Unofficial document submission

Unofficial documents are documents you can submit yourself.

On the "My Account" page in the application portal under the My Applications section of the page you will see a listing by semester and program of your active applications.

If you select View for each application you will be able to access the Supplemental Items and Documents tab. On this tab you will find a listing of the unofficial documents required for your application. The listing will show you which items are required and each item will indicate Choose File. Select Choose File to upload a copy of the document indicated. You can upload each document individually by selecting Upload Now after you load each item or you can upload all the items at one time and select Upload All.

Official document submission

Official documents are documents that need to be submitted from the issuing institution. They cannot be uploaded by the applicant. They have to be sent by mail, courier, or an authorized email account to Memorial University by the issuing institution.

You will receive an email after your application has been processed indicating the Official documents required for your application. It is your responsibility to contact each institution to have the document sent to Memorial. As each document is received by Memorial you will be sent an email acknowledging receipt of the document. You should keep track of received documents. We will send reminder emails if official documents have not been received in a timely manner.

Make sure you submit your documents before the document deadlines.

The fine print
  • Digital documents should be submitted in pdf format where possible.
  • Once documents are submitted to Memorial University they become the property of Memorial University and cannot be returned to the sender.

2. Check the status of your application 

You can check the status of your application through the "My Account" page in the application portal.

3. Review processing times

Application processing will begin on the following dates:

  • winter semester (Jan. to April) – Feb. 28
  • spring semester (May – Aug.) – Sept. 30
  • fall semester (Sept. to Dec.) – Nov. 19*

* Newfoundland and Labrador high school applicants can expect to have their applications processed starting on Nov. 30.

After these dates, you can expect the following processing times:

  • Applications - three business days. Application processing times during peak periods may be longer.
  • Supporting documents - 10 business days after they are received to be processed. Processing may take longer during peak periods or if further document verification is required.
  • General admission application decisions - 10 business days after all required documents are received and processed. Admissions decisions will be posted in the application portal. They will also be communicated via email. Applications received during peak periods may take longer for a decision.
  • Competitive-entry program applications - normally assessed within one month following the related application deadline.
    You can contact the academic unit responsible for the program for which you have applied to find out when you'll hear from them.

Peak periods include January-March and July-August.

4. Plan your finances

Our students benefit from one of the lowest tuition fees in Canada, since our tuition is subsidized by our provincial government. To assist students with their finances, we provide opportunities to work on-campus and receive scholarships.

Entrance scholarships 

Newfoundland students 

To be considered for an early entrance scholarship offer, you must apply for admission to Memorial by the March 1 priority deadline. In order to qualify for an early scholarship offer, you must have an early admission average of 90% or higher. No transcript is required. Your previous year final grades and current year registrations are obtained from the Department of Education automatically.

Out-of-province Canadian students

To be considered for an early entrance scholarship offer, you must submit an interim transcript showing your completed grade 11 and grade 12 courses to date by the March 1 priority deadline. 

International Students

Applicants meeting the entrance scholarship criteria will be automatically considered for non-renewable entrance scholarships. No additional application is required.

5. Academic accommodations

New students to Memorial who want to register their accommodations with the Accessibility Services (The Blundon Centre) should email as soon as possible to give sufficient time to get their accommodations in place. Given the current demand, incoming students can expect to currently wait 5-7 business days to meet with an Accessibility Advisor. Call 709 864 2156, text 709 693 0918, or send an email to blundon@mun.ca and you will be connected with an advisor.

Grenfell Campus students should refer to accessibility services available on their campus.

6. Check out residence options

While you wait to hear from us, check out our on-campus living options. First year students can apply to live in Macpherson College or Paton College in St. John’s, and are guaranteed a room in residence. You must receive a provisional acceptance on your application before you can apply to live in our residences.

If you are attending Grenfell Campus refer to information about their on-campus residences.