Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is where you can study what fascinates you while pursuing a program that suits your aspirations both for learning and for meaningful work. It is a faculty where you can immerse yourself in human knowledge and understand how we got to where we are now — and where we might be going. A bachelor of arts degree will give you a strong foundation of knowledge, along with the critical thinking, research, analytical and communication skills needed to succeed and adapt in a dynamic and rapidly evolving economy.


Why study humanities and social sciences at Memorial?

Pursuing a bachelor of arts degree in the faculty of humanities and social sciences allows you to follow your passions, interests, and values while creating viable and wide-ranging career options. You will be able to work in a variety of roles with numerous possibilities in the workforce that are both fulfilling and rewarding. An arts degree is highly flexible and customizable and will enable you to learn about what matters to you and the world you live in, while providing you with a toolkit of practical skills. Our diverse environment and award-winning instructors will give you a global outlook that will be a key component of your future success. 

What skills will you gain?

You can expect to sharpen your critical thinking skills, advance your leadership abilities, become a savvy researcher, strengthen your writing and presentation skills, be equipped to make innovative decisions and solve problems creatively, make connections between global problems and their solutions, and become a well-rounded individual.

As we move further into an increasingly connected and fast paced world, the ability to synthesize ideas, to be flexible and to utilize creative and social skills will become more and more valuable.