Bachelor of physical education

School: Human Kinetics and Recreation Campus: St. John's
Length: Four years Honours available: Yes
University Calendar: Bachelor of physical education 
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The bachelor of physical education degree is designed to prepare graduates for careers in teaching and related areas. 

Teaching option

The teaching option contains courses in the fundamentals of physical education as well as courses in curriculum planning, teaching methods, and pedagogy relevant to physical education curricula for various grade levels. You will be placed in an educational setting for some of the course work.  

Following completion of a physical education degree - teaching option, a student wishing to teach in a school setting will need to complete either the primary/elementary (as a second degree) or intermediate/secondary degree offered by the Faculty of Education.

General option

The general option is designed to provide basic professional preparation. This program option consists of courses common to the teaching option plus a flexible choice of elective courses.

Minor/academic discipline requirements

Among the required 10 three-credit hour elective courses, you must complete a minimum of eight courses in a minor or an acceptable academic discipline. 

Admission requirements

Fall semester
Application deadline:
March 1

New Memorial students

You may apply for admission into the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation directly from high school by indicating your desired degree option in the appropriate place on the undergraduate application for admission. Direct entry into the program from high school is competitive for a limited number of placements and is subject to meeting the general admission requirements for Memorial University. Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee your acceptance into the program.

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Current Memorial or transfer students

If you're seeking admission into the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation through transfer from within Memorial University or other accredited post-secondary institutions, indicate your desired degree option in the appropriate place on the undergraduate application for admission.

Overall academic performance and evidence of ability to successfully maintain a full course load are important criteria in reaching decisions on applications for admission and will be considered in the selection process. HKR degree programs are competitive for a limited number of seats.

Transfer applicants must submit an official transcript showing completed courses and current registrations to the Office of the Registrar. No applicant will be granted admission beyond academic term four.

Note: Current students and transfer students seeking admission to a HKR degree program should be prepared for it to take a minimum of three additional years to complete their HKR degree.

Additional documents required for admission 

When applying to the bachelor of physical education program, you must also submit the following documents:

  • A 250 word autobiographical statement highlighting your experiences with teaching and learning and demonstrating a commitment to leading a physically active lifestyle
  • A current first aid certificate
  • Provide proof of completion of a Red Cross level 8 certification or equivalent course such as Red Cross Adult Basics, AquaQuest Adults, Lifesaving Society Rookie Patrol, or YMCA Star 4. An applicant who does not already have acceptable proof of swimming ability should contact an area aquatics facility to arrange assessment. Students unable to submit this documentation at the time of Physical Education admission may be eligible for provisional admission, but should be aware that approved documentation of swimming ability is a prerequisite for HKR 2220, a required course in the Bachelor of Physical Education Year 2.

Sample first year

Wondering about what courses you will take in your first year? Check out a sample program of suggested courses for physical education students.

Sample courses beyond first year

HKR 2004 - Enhancing Performance in Physical Activity
HKR 3320 - Introduction to Biomechanics
HKR 4220 - Physical Activities Course: Games and Activities

Career opportunities

A bachelor of physical education prepares students for a variety of careers including:

  • teacher
  • fitness/wellness management
  • outdoor leadership
  • athlete development
  • sports and recreation management
  • movement science
  • performance analyst
  • personal or athletic trainer

Note: some of these careers may call for supplementary education or preparation in the form of graduate studies, experiential learning or professional courses and exams.