Visiting student requirements

Applicants seeking admission to Memorial University for a limited period of time without being admitted to a degree program, and who meet the criteria outlined below, should apply under the category of visiting student. This category allows admission for up to two consecutive semesters.

Registration eligibility is subject to course availability and completion of course pre-requisites. You are strongly encouraged to speak with the academic unit offering the course(s) of interest to verify registration eligibility, prior to submitting your application.

When completing the application for admission, applicants should select the Area of Interest as Unsure (Undergraduate). Visiting students are not reviewed for general admission or transfer credit, and will be required to submit a new application for admission if they wish to complete a degree program at a later point in time.

Visiting student criteria

The visiting student category encompasses the following:

1. Applicants who are attending another post-secondary institution who would like to take courses at Memorial University and transfer back to their home institution for credit towards a degree.

Admission requirement
    • Applicants must be in good academic standing at their institution
Supporting documents required
    • Letter of Permission or official, final transcript from the institution attending. The Letter of Permission is treated the same as a transcript for the purposes of admission, therefore, must be sent directly from the Office of the Registrar of the issuing institution to be considered official.
Submitting your documents
    • Email:
      From the issuing post-secondary institution:

    • Mail/post:
      Office of the Registrar
      Memorial University
      P.O. Box 4200
      St. John's NL A1C 5S7

2. Applicants who have been conditionally accepted to a graduate program at Memorial University, pending the completion of specific prerequisite courses.

Supporting documents required
    • No supporting documents are required.

3. Applicants who have been approved to complete an unpaid research internship under the supervision of a Memorial University faculty member.

Supporting documents required
    • Letter of Recommendation from the head of the academic unit at Memorial University, confirming the nature and duration of the visit.