Non-degree student requirements

Applicants who wish to take one or more Memorial University undergraduate courses without being admitted to a credential program (degree, diploma or certificate), may be considered for admission under the category of non-degree student. This category is available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents aged 21 or older who do not meet the criteria of a visiting student, and who are not current or former undergraduate students at Memorial. (Previous undergraduate students at Memorial should apply for readmission.)

Non-degree students will be subject to the same academic and non-academic regulations as all undergraduate students at Memorial. Registration eligibility is subject to course availability and completion of course pre-requisites. You are strongly encouraged to speak with the academic unit offering the course(s) of interest to verify registration eligibility, prior to submitting your application.

Applicants will be requested to provide information on their academic history on the application for admission, but academic documents will not be required. A proof of age document (such as a copy of a passport, birth certificate or driver’s licence) will need to be submitted to

Non-degree students are not reviewed for general admission or transfer credit, and will be required to submit a new application for admission if they wish to complete a credential program at a later point in time.

If your admission to Memorial is contingent on a third party for funding, employment or other purposes, you are strongly recommended to ensure that the non-degree student category is acceptable to that third party before applying.