FAQs for Employees

1. How do I access my.mun.ca?

To access the portal, go to www.mun.ca, click on "Log In" at the top right of the screen and select my.mun.ca. You will be presented with the screen below. Click on ‘Create account’ at the bottom of the login window:

MUN Login

Follow the prompts to create your account:

Create Account

If you forget your login ID or passord, click the ‘Can’t Login?’ question at the main login window:

  MUN Login

Follow the prompts to be reminded of your login ID, and/or to create a new password:

Can't Login

2. How do I find my employee ID number?

Employee ID numbers are displayed on pay stubs. This information is available on the employee self-service tab in the my.mun.ca portal.

3. How do I access my pay stub?

Log in to the portal and access the employee tab, then click the Pay Information link. For instructions on how to access the portal, review question 1.

4. How do I determine my annual leave or other leave balances?

If you do not have access to a computer, visit your administrative office for assistance; where this is not possible contact MyHR, Department of Human Resources by email or call (709) 864-2434.

If you do have access to a computer, go to www.mun.ca and click on the "Log In" drop down menu in the top right corner to access my.mun.ca and to login to the portal.  Once you are logged in, click on the following tabs: Employees Services; Current Pay, Leave, Equity and Employee Self-Service Data; Employee Services; and Leave Balances.

Points to remember when viewing your leave balances:

  • Leave is accrued and taken on a fiscal year basis (April 1-March 31). 
  • The data shown is only as up-to-date as what data has been entered by your leave administrator.
  • If there are adjustments that were not entered in a previous fiscal, the balance of your current fiscal may change.

5. I want to set up or change the banking information for where my payroll is deposited.

Complete either of:
a. an Application for Direct Deposit form and note ‘Change’ on the form where you already have direct deposit set up; or
b. provide a completed bank authorization from your branch; or

c. submit a VOID cheque

Forward the information to MyHR, Department of Human Resources for update.

6. How do I request a Record of Employment?

To request a ROE, please email MyHR and provide your employee ID number, the date of your last day worked and the name of the department in which you worked. Once requested, your ROE will be generated in approximately one week and forwarded to Service Canada. You will be able to access your ROE by logging into the Service Canada website.  

7. How do I request a copy of my T4?

Your T4 is available to you on the my.mun.ca portal under the Employee Services tab. Click the Tax Forms link to view and or print a copy of your T4

8. How can I get confirmation of my employment?

Complete and submit the Request for Employment Verification form and submit to us in person or attach it to an email to MyHR. This form is available in the Employee Self-Service tab of the my.mun.ca portal. Once you access Employee Self Service, click on the forms section and the Payroll and Banner HR tab to access a link to this form. Requests can take up  to 10 business days to be processed and provided.

9. I want to change my bank or account information for payroll direct deposit.

Complete the Direct Deposit application form located on the portal under HR Forms and submit it to us in person or attach it to an email to MyHR.

10. How do I submit a benefits claim to Blue Cross for reimbursement?

Medavie Blue Cross provides various options for cardholders to submit a benefits claim. Claims can be made both electronically and in paper form. Options to submit include:

  • Using Medavie Blue Cross’ secure members’ site to submit an electronic claim through their eClaims system;
  • Using the Medavie Blue Cross mobile app;
  • Mailing claims forms to Medavie Blue Cross;
  • Dropping off claims in person for Quick Pay processing at a Blue Cross office;
  • Direct online billing through your service provider;
  • Dropping off claim forms in person to the Department of Human Resources to have your forms submitted by mail on your behalf.

Below is more detailed information on the above options.


The Medavie Blue Cross eClaims system is easy to use. If you can take a digital photo, you can submit your health and dental claims through their secure plan member site (www.medavie.bluecross.ca) and select the option for Plan Members in the upper right-hand corner. From there you follow the following steps:

  • Click ‘Go to secure site’ and login to the secure cardholder site
  • Click ‘eClaims’ and follow the instructions
  • To find out what you’ll need to submit, based on your claim, click on the ‘Requirements’ button
  • Complete the information and attach an electronic or scanned image of your receipt and required forms (where applicable)
  • Read and agree to the terms and conditions
  • Click ‘Submit’
  • From here your form will be processed and your reimbursement will be deposited into your bank account within five business days.

Mobile App: Medavie Blue Cross offers fast, reliable and easy access to your benefits information through their mobile app. Through the app you can submit a claim (for plan members with access to the Group plan members website), view past claims, browse your coverage, find a health professional, save your favorites and access an electronic version of your ID card.

The Medavie Blue Cross Mobile app can be downloaded for free for iPhone, Android and Blackberry 10.

For more information and to access a video on the app please click here.

Mailing and in-person claims information
If you wish to submit a claim in person or mail a paper copy of your claim to Medavie Blue Cross, please visit their website for hours of operation and quick pay locations/addresses.

11. How do I change my name or beneficiary information?

To ensure the necessary HR systems are updated accurately, please contact MyHR by email or call (709) 864-2434 to provide the details of the name change, and of the effective date the change took place. In the case of a beneficiary change, you will be expected to complete the beneficiary form and submit to us for insertion in your file. We will let you know when the change has been completed on our records.

12. How do I change my address or my phone number?

You have the ability to do this on the my.mun.ca portal. Once logged in, access the Employee Services tab. On the Employee Main Menu, click the Personal Information link to view and or follow the directions provided to change your contact information. You would have provided us with your T4 address when you were hired. It is important to note that this is a required address type and cannot be deleted. It is where your T4 statement of earnings will be delivered annually. Ensure your T4 address is always up to date. This will ensure timely delivery of important information.

13. How can I modify my benefits enrollment?

It is important to first review the Employee Benefits Guide on the Human Resources website. Certain benefits are considered ‘life changes’ and must be actioned within 45 days of the event (for example, the birth of a child resulting in modifying medical coverage from single to family). Other changes are not subject to the 45 day rule. Contact MyHR by email or call (709) 864-2434 to request a modification.

14. I have questions about my benefits coverage.

Review theEmployee Benefits Guide to see detailed information around benefits coverage; questions should be directed to MyHR by email or call (709) 864-2434. We will address any questions you may have.

15. I have questions about my pay.

Your pay stub is available online through my.mun.ca for viewing and printing purposes. If you have a concern about information related to your pay stub or concerns for any reason, contact MyHR by email or call (709) 864-2434.

16. How do I access the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

Memorial University offers employees, retirees and their immediate family members with access to a confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through provider TELUS Health (formerly known as LifeWorks). This comprehensive, confidential service is available at no cost, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For immediate confidential support, please call 1-800-387-4765 (TTY Service: 1-877-388-0275). A variety of online services are also available at one.telushealth.com. Confidentiality and privacy are assured to each employee, retiree or family member who uses the counselling service. As with all EAP services provided, contact should be made directly with TELUS Health. No information concerning any individual situation will be reported back to representatives of Memorial. For more information, please visit Memorial's EAP page.

A variety of services is available in person, by telephone, by email or online including:

  • Personal well being
  • Marriage and family relationships
  • Legal assistance
  • Financial assistance
  • Child and elder care resources
  • Workplace challenges
  • Addictions
  • Career counselling
  • Nutrition
  • Health care advice

17. I want to request a period of leave without pay.

To begin this request, please contact your manager/supervisor.

For requested periods of leave equaling 30 days or less, you are required to maintain enrollment in the benefits and pension plans. Qualified leave requests for more than 30 days, mean you are entitled to options with respect to enrollment in the plans. You are encouraged to review the Leave Administration policy and accompanying Leave Without Pay Procedure for details.

18. I am an employee that has a contract from Sept. 1, 2018 to Oct. 31, 2019.  How much annual leave can I access throughout my contract?

Contractual employees in contracts that are a minimum length of 12 months may anticipate annual leave accrual to the end of the current fiscal year or their contract end date, whichever is shorter. For an employee who begins a contract on Sept. 1, they will have access to the annual leave that they will accrue between the period of Sept. 1-March 31, 2019.  When the new fiscal year begins, the employee will then have access to the amount of leave they will accrue between the period of April 1, 2019 and Oct. 31, 2019.

19. I haven't taken any annual leave this fiscal year yet there are hours showing in my "taken" column.  Is this an error?

If there is a balance in your "taken" column that you feel is an error, first discuss this with your unit's leave administrator. If a leave has been keyed in error, a leave adjustment can be completed to make the correction. However, it is possible that if you had taken leave prior to this fiscal year that was not previously entered, it will show as "taken" in the current fiscal year. Your unit leave administrator can confirm when the leave was taken to ensure no error has occurred.

20. How much financial assistance is available for employees interested in taking undergraduate and graduate courses?

The university, through the Department of Human Resources, covers the cost of tuition for eligible employees to take one Memorial University academic credit course per semester to a maximum of three courses per calendar year. Employees are responsible for all other costs such as admission and registration fees, textbooks, student union fees, laboratory fees, and research and project fees.

Programs that have additional special fees or premium tuition associated with them are not covered under the policy. The maximum funding for such programs is an amount equivalent to the basic tuition (or equivalent program enrollment fee) that would apply in the absence of a special fee or premium tuition or any other incremental program enrollment fee.

Eligible employees are permanent, operating-funded employees contributing into the university’s benefits program including operating-funded contractual employees whose contract (or series of contracts) is for a period greater than 6 months and who are contributing into the university’s benefits program. 

Approval for all financial assistance for credit courses must be obtained prior to the semester for which assistance is requested. The university has no obligation to pay for courses which have not received prior approval. Additional information on the approval process can be found on the Academic Credit Courses page of the HR website. 

This opportunity is detailed in the Employee Training and Development policy and the Procedure for Availing of Memorial University Credit Courses. Please refer to the policy and procedure for detailed information.

21. How can I access the Pension Projection Tool?

You have the ability to do this on my.mun.ca. For directions, please see question 1. Once logged in, access the Employee Services tab. Click the Memorial Pension Information and Tools button. You will be presented with three options, the third of which will link you to the Pension Projection Tool. Click on the ‘estimate your pension’ link and follow the onscreen prompts to input your information. It is very important to remember that the Ariel Pension System will project an estimation based on what is stored there in conjunction with what you inputted. Contact MyHR by email or call (709)864-2434 where you have concerns that the results presented are inaccurate. It is also a good idea to contact us when you are getting close to planning your retirement to ensure we are aware of your plans and be ready to provide helpful information as needed.

22. I have general questions about retirement.

Review the Pension Information on the Human Resources website as it has comprehensive information about Memorial’s Pension Plan and things you should know for your own retirement planning. The Department of Human Resources regularly provides information in various formats from time to time, and provides a pension statement on an annual basis, usually in the fall. Pension statements will include information as at December 31 of the prior calendar year. As yearly statements generate, they are viewable on my.mun.ca at any time. To do this, click the Memorial Pension Information and Tools button, and follow the 'summary' link in the second option of the page.

23. How much notice does the university require for an employee to retire?

An employee should provide formal written notice in all cases when planning retirement. In relation to the collective agreement for Marine Institute (MI), staff must provide 30 days notice to the department head. MI's instructors agreement states 90 days notice should be given to your supervisor or department head. If retiring at the end of the academic year, notice should be given prior to April 30. For the other campuses, a minimum two weeks notice should be provided to your supervisor or department head. For faculty falling under MUNFA, the collective agreement requires best effort to provide at least six months notice to the president, vice-president (academic), the administrative head, and at Grenfell Campus, the vice-president. In all cases, notice should also be provided to Human Resources at the earliest opportunity to ensure smooth transition and avoid disruption in income.

24. I have questions about Memorial’s travel health insurance. Does it cover personal or just work related travel?

The travel health plan is intended for both personal and work related travel and provides emergency out of province medical coverage for employees and retirees (please note, all employees and retirees who are enrolled in the university medical and dental plans are automatically covered under the travel health insurance plan. For those with family coverage, dependents are also covered.) You can find additional information on travel health insurance here. Please remember, amounts under $500 should be paid up front and submitted with paid in full receipts to SSQ on return.  To make a claim, please contact MyHR by email or call (709) 864-2434 to obtain the proper forms. For amounts over $500, you should call the SSQ emergency number on the back of your travel health card.  The insurance card is available for download/printing through the Employee Self Service channel under the Employees tab on your my.mun portal. An HR representative can address your general questions, but for more specific information about your own personal situation, you are encouraged to contact SSQ directly at 1-800-848-0158. 

25. How much family leave am I entitled to and in what circumstances can I use it?

Family Responsibility Leave is an important aspect of the university’s employee support program and is available to employees who require leave assistance in attending to family-related matters. 

Up to six days of paid family leave in each two-year fiscal period (even calendar years; for example: April 1, 2014 – March 31, 2016) are available to employees who are required to be absent from work for any of the following reasons:

i) Attend to temporary care of a sick family member;

ii) Attend to needs related to the birth or adoption of an employee’s child;

iii) Accompany a family member on a dental or medical appointment;

iv) Attend meetings with school or other authorities;

v) Attend to needs related to eldercare;

vi) Attend to needs related to home or family emergencies;

vii) Attend to needs related to the death of a family member (as defined in the Bereavement section);

viii) Attend to other personal, family, or home related needs not listed above.

Family leave entitlement for part-time and contractual employees is prorated based on hours and length of employment contract. If the employment of an individual with the university comes to an end and this employee has used more family leave then they were entitled to (ex: they have used the entitlement for two full years but leave after one year and a half years) then their overdrawn family leave would be deducted from their annual leave balance.

26. How much sick leave am I entitled to if I contribute to the Long Term Disability Plan (LTD)?

LTD is outlined in the Leave Administration policy.  Please consult the policy for details.

27. How much sick leave are short term contractual employees entitled to?

Employees are not eligible for Long Term Disability (LTD) coverage if they are employed for a period of less than six months or work less than 20 hours per week. These employees are entitled to sick leave, on a prorated basis for the number of hours worked, up to a maximum of 10 days per fiscal year.

28. Can I have extra tax deducted from my bi-weekly pay?

Extra taxes can be deducted from your biweekly pay. To do so, please complete the TD1 Federal and indicate the amount you wish deducted in the box for Extra Taxes on page 2 of the TD1. You can access the TD1 on the CRA website\P

29. What employee information is available in the my.mun.ca portal?

In the Employee tab of the my.mun.ca portal, Memorial employees can access employment related information including: their personal leave entitlement/balances, pay stubs, benefits, deductions, tax information, personal contact information, employee equity survey, and SSQ health card. The portal also lists current internal job postings, all Human Resources forms, and includes a pension projection tool.

30. Does Memorial offer employees work flex options?

Memorial has a Work-Flex Program to provide different options to employees who are interested in modifying their existing work arrangements to help them address personal wellness or work-life balance needs, for career development/job enrichment purposes, or for other similar reasons. For specifics on this program and information on how it can be utilized, please consult the Leave Administration policy and accompanying Procedure for Flexible Work Arrangements.

31. I no longer work at Memorial. How do I access my pay stubs or my T4?

Your access to human resource data such as pay stubs remains available to you through the my.mun.ca portal after you have ended your employment contract. Your ID and password remains as is, and access to the data continues. If you do not remember your User ID and/or your Password, simply access the ‘Having Problems’ tab at the login window, and follow the onscreen instructions. There is a possibility that this step may not work if you have not accessed your account for a lengthy period of time following the end of employment. In this instance, you may contact the Memorial ITS Service Desk at 864-4595 for assistance.