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Procedure for Leave Without Pay

Approval Date: 2018-03-15

Effective Date: 2018-04-01

Responsible Unit: Department of Human Resources


Application for Leave Without Pay

The requesting Employee is to forward the completed form to their Unit Head for approval. The criteria to be considered in granting any leave without pay include, but are not limited to:

  • operational requirements
  • Employee's length of service, period of leave requested, reason for the leave
  • whether a replacement is required
  • whether a replacement is available
  • benefits to the University
  • benefits to the Employee
  • professional development opportunity

An Employee's request for leave without pay may be granted where the purpose of the leave is to pursue alternative employment where there is a demonstrated mutual benefit. It is the responsibility of the Unit Head or delegate to review all requests for leave without pay to ensure that they fall within the policy guidelines before submissions are made to the Department of Human Resources.

Political Leave Without Pay
The University must ensure that no perceived conflict will arise due to the nature of the position held while the Employee continues to work. The Conflict of Interest policy may be considered by the nature of the position held by the Employee.

Employees who are either seeking nomination or campaigning for public office are expected to do so on their own time. This may necessitate part-time leave without pay or satisfactory alternative arrangements.

Upon completion of political duties, an Employee may return to the University to a position comparable to that vacated. While on leave of absence, an Employee may continue benefit coverage by assuming the total cost (the University's as well as their own share) of such benefits.

Contesting an Election
Leave without pay may be granted to an Employee who is standing for Election in a provincial Election or federal Election. An Employee may take part or all of their accumulated annual leave during the Election period. If defeated, the Employee is entitled to return to their normal duties with the University.

Winning a Provincial or Federal Election
In the event an Employee is successful in becoming elected to either the Provincial or Federal Government, they are granted leave without pay for the term elected. At the end of this time, if the Employee contests a second Election and is successful, the Employee is required to resign from their position with the University after two terms or six years, whichever occurs first. If the Employee is not re-elected or does not stand for re-election, they are entitled to resume employment with the University, but there is no guarantee of reinstatement in the Employee's former position.

Municipal Council Election
An Employee who is elected to a Municipal Council or who engages in other political activities may be granted leave without pay for periodic duty, if necessary, provided that the appropriate reduction in University duties and compensation have been determined and agreed upon in advance.

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