When Job Evaluation Should Occur

Job evaluation should be undertaken when there are significant changes to the duties and responsibilities of a position that may impact several or all of the rating factors. A minor change, such as the addition of another person supervised, would not normally be considered a material change unless supervision of others was not already a responsibility of the position. An increase in the volume or amount of work being performed is not a consideration for re-evaluation as long as the type of duties performed are still the same.

Job evaluation should be completed if a position is relatively new and/or has never been previously rated. Often when new positions are established, they are tentatively rated based on the anticipated responsibilities and duties of the new position. Over time the position becomes better defined so a job evaluation should occur to confirm the position's responsibilities and duties. This ensures that the position is accurately reflected and validates a rating for the position.

Job evaluation should also be completed if the position hasn’t been rated in a significant amount of time. This is particularly important if the incumbent has been performing the duties of the position for an extended period. Over time, changes may occur to the duties of a position, the associated processes and the interactions with others.