Job Specifications

The Job Specification Index includes generic specifications for those classifications included in CUPE (Local 1615), Nape Local 7803 (Campus Enforcement and Patrol), Nape Local 7804 (Custodial), and Nape Local 7801 (Maintenance) as well as those classifications included in the nonacademic nonbargaining staff group.

Information on the responsibilities and qualifications for management and professional classifications is available for management purposes from the Department of Human Resources.

The Job Specification Index and related specifications are constantly under review and therefore, are subject to changes on an ongoing basis. Such changes may include the addition, revision or deletion of a title or specification. To assist in the updating of this information, the Human Resources Department may request information from respective University departments, including the completion of relevant Job Fact Sheets, as required.

Job Specifications

These specifications reflect the nature of work, responsibilities and qualifications of the benchmark level of these classifications. 

The classification specifications are intended to be descriptive and explanatory - defining classes rather than prescribing restrictions. It should also be noted that the classification descriptions are just that - they are merely descriptions of what is done - THEY ARE NOT WORK ASSIGNMENTS. They should be interpreted in their entirety and in relation to others in the classification plan. Particular phrases or examples should not be isolated and treated as the full definition of a classification. The various sections of the specification should be interpreted as described below.

Job Specification Title

The classification title is intended to provide a brief but descriptive name for positions in the class. By using the class title on payrolls, budget estimates, personnel reports, and other official forms and reports dealing with positions or personnel, a common understanding of the positions is ensured. It should be understood that the classification title is selected to serve those purposes, and that it need not be used for such internal operations as signing correspondence or other university business, if some more appropriate working title will better serve such purposes. In some cases, where there is more than one classification in an occupational series, numerals have been used in the title to designate the relative level of each classification. The Roman numeral I indicates the lowest level in such a series. The use of the Roman numeral in different series has no significance, and does not imply any relationship between the series of classes using the numerals.

Nature of Work

This section is intended to set forth the type of work and the responsibilities which characterize the class. These statements may include reference to the technical difficulty of the work, independence of action, supervision exercised and received, and other factors which relate to an evaluation of the duties and responsibilities of the work.

Illustrative Examples of Work

This section lists typical tasks which are found in positions of the class. These examples show further the range of duties performed by employees in the class. They are not intended, however, to define or limit the duties that may be assigned to employees. Any single position within a class will not usually involve all of the duties listed, and many positions will involve duties which are not listed. This portion of the description primarily serves to provide a more specific picture of the types of duties assigned to positions of the class.

Requirements of Work

This section includes a statement of desirable experience and training which would ordinarily provide an employee with the knowledge, abilities, and skills necessary for successful performance of work characteristic of the class. It does not, in any way, refer to the qualifications of present employees. In many cases, a variety of alternate combinations of training and experience will sufficiently satisfy the statement of desirable experience and training listed in this section of the class specifications. Although they are not specifically mentioned, certain qualifications such as integrity and dependability, which are expected of all employees, are deemed to be part of this section.

For details regarding the Job Specification Index or management and professional positions, please contact your HR advisor or manager.

Access Job Specifications

Title Code
Accounting Clerk 0407
Administrative Secretary 0023
Art Gallery Operations Supervisor 2611
Art Gallery Technician I 2605
Assistant Cartographer 2019
Assistant Manager of Campus Enforcement and Patrol - HSC 1009
Assistant Systems Officer 0625
Audiovisual Assistant 2505
Investigations Officer 1016
Horticulturist 1107
Custodian Supervisor 1208
Clerk 0005
General Services Foreman - SWGC 1108
Heating and Plant Foreman 1115
Mechanical Supervisor 1117
General Services Supervisor 1118
Locksmith Supervisor 1141
Building Services Supervisor 1146
Maintenance Electrician Foreman 1162
Intermediate Clerk 0006
Senior Clerk 0007
Clerk Stenographer 0010
Intermediate Clerk Stenographer 0011
Senior Clerk Stenographer 0012
Secretary 0020
Intermediate Secretary 0021
Senior Secretary 0022
Folklore Transcriber I 0040
Folklore Transcriber II 0041
Cashier Clerk 0405
Postal Clerk I 0105
Postal Clerk II 0106
Postal Clerk III 0107
Central Mail Room Supervisor 0108
Mail/Printshop Supervisor 0110
Stores Clerk I 0205
Stores Clerk II 0206
Stores Clerk III 0207
Supply Supervisor 0208
Customs Clerk 0210
Tendering Clerk 0211
Micro Computer Support Specialist - SWGC 0311
Data Entry Operator 0315
Programmer Consultant 0330
Computer Operator I 0340
Computer Operator II 0341
Systems Programmer - Computer Science 0350
Revenue Cashier 0406
Evaluations Officer 0615
Classroom Facilities Coordinator 0620
Accounts Clerk - Graduate Studies 0703
Administrative Staff Specialist I 0704
Administrative Staff Specialist II 0705
Administrative Systems Support Analyst 0735
Maintenance Plumber 1155
Photographic Technician I 2005
Photographic Technician II 2006
Photographer I 2008
Photographer II 2010
Photographer III 2011
Graphic Artist I 2014
Graphic Artist II 2015
Graphic Artist III 2016
Cartographic Technician 2018
Cartographer 2020
Microfilm Equipment Operator 2025
Bookstore Clerk 2205
Senior Bookstore Clerk 2210
Bookstore Purchasing Clerk 2211
Bookstore Manager – SWGC 2225
Housing Clerk 2304
Residence Maintenance Supervisor 2305
Student Affairs Officer 2410
Student Health Nurse 2430
Student Centre Services Clerk 2436
Senior Audiovisual Assistant 2507
Media Production Technician I 2510
Media Production Technician II 2511
Audiovisual Supervisor 2512
Production Technologist I-IV 2515-18
Media Production Specialist 2522
Electronic Technologist I-IV 2525-28
Television Producer/Director 2555
Television Production Assistant 2556
Managing Editor 2562
Publications Assistant I 2564
Publications Assistant II 2565
Publications Assistant III 2566
Publications Officer 2568
Information Centre Assistant 2578
Assistant Program Developer 2586
Program Developer 2587
Art Gallery Technician II 2606
Art Gallery Registrar 2607
Exhibition/Education Curator 2610
Phototypesetter 2706
Technical Support Supervisor 2707
Lithographer I 2709
Lithographic Press Operator 2711
Lithographic/Press Supervisor 2712
Duplicating Aide 2720
Duplicating Equipment Operator I 2721
Duplicating Equipment Operator II 2722
Production Supervisor 2723
Printing Records Supervisor 2724
Mechanical Bindery Operator 2726
Press Operator I 2729
Press Operator II 2730
Press Operator III 2731
Offset Press Operator II (Lead hand) 2732
Duplicating Satellite Supervisor 2740
Library Assistant I-VIII 3001-08
Library Equipment Repairman 3009
Library Accounts Clerk 3010
Instructional Assistant 3105
Laboratory Instructor 3106
Medical Technologist I 3109
Medical Technologist II 3110
Histology Laboratory Supervisor 3115
Nursing Laboratory Instructor 3120
Science Technician I 3205
Science Technician II 3206
Science Technician III 3207
Science Technician IV 3208
Science Laboratory Supervisor I 3209
Science Laboratory Supervisor II 3210
Medical Technical Officer 3211
Electron Microscopy Technologist I 3213
Electron Microscopy Technologist II 3214
Electron Microscopy Technologist III 3215
Anatomy Technician 3220
Technician II 3226
Scientific Photographer 3238
Medical Photographer 3239
Animal Technologist 3240
Animal Technician I 3241
Animal Technician II 3242
Animal Technician III 3243
Animal Surgery Technologist 3245
Radiological Technologist 3248
Facilities Custodian 3255
Archaeological Curator 3260
Paper Conservator 3261
Laboratory Facilities Technician I 3270
Laboratory Facilities Technician II 3271
Cryogenic Officer 3275
Technologist I-IV 3280-83
Craftsman I-IV 3285-88
Oceanographic Assistant 3289
Engineering Technologist I-IV 3291-94
Research Assistant I 3305
Research Computing Specialist 3311
Radiation Control Technician 3350
Environmental Education Interpreter 3414
Assistant Archivist 3504
Archivist 3505
Fine Arts Workshop Supervisor 3702
Theater Technician 3703
Safety Technician 1025
Incinerator Operator 1100
Tractor Operator 1101
Utility Worker 1104
Utility Leader 1105
Mechanical Patrolperson 1110
Power Engineer 3rd Class 1112
Power Engineer 2nd Class 1114
Maintenance Repairperson 1116
Work Control Dispatcher 1124
Controls Technician 1125
Locksmith 1140
Maintenance Helper - SWGC 1143
Maintenance Helper 1144
Maintenance Carpenter 1145
Maintenance Painter 1150
Signage Technician 1152
Maintenance Electrician 1158
Project Technologist 1183
Gardener - SWGC 1198
Enforcement & Patrol Officer I 1003
Enforcement & Patrol Officer II 1004
Enforcement & Patrol Officer III 1005
Enforcement & Patrol Officer IV 1006
Custodian I 1205
Custodian II 1206
Computer Systems/Specialist - SWGC 0310
Programmer Analyst 0332
Payroll Clerk I 0417
Payroll Clerk II 0418
Staff Accountant 0429
Computer Systems Officer 0432
Budget Assistant 0470
Human Resources Technician 0505
Administrative Assistant - Medical Studies Programs 0715
Administrative Assistant - Educational Technology 0741
Administrative Assistant - Facilities Management 0745
Coordinator - Graphics & Image Analysis 2030
Assistant Bookstore Manager 2219
Coordinator - Student Support Programs 2421
Student Awards Manager 2440
Communications Coordinator I 2541
Communications Coordinator II 2542
Editor 2571
Laboratory Services Supervisor 3277
Research Assistant II 3306
Research Assistant III 3307
Fisheries Biologist 3335
Technical Coordinator - Botanical Garden 3405
Horticultural Coordinator – Botanical Garden 3410
Interpretation Coordinator – Botanical Garden 3415
Utility Foreman 1106
Archival Assistant 3506
Secretary to Board of Regents 0027
Geology Technician II 3202
Athletic Equipment Manager 2105
Delivery Person 0130
Draftsperson I 2021
Draftsperson II 2022
Visual Arts Studio Assistant II 3705