Job Evaluation Process

The job evaluation process involves multiple steps with the employee, supervisor/manager and HR representative(s) each playing an active role.


  1. The employee reviews the duties and functions of their position. If there is a significant change in the duties or the position has never been rated, the employee completes the Job Fact Sheet (JFS). 
  2. The employee submits the JFS to their supervisor or manager for review and signature. The supervisor/manager may recommend some changes prior to signing.
  3. The employee submits the JFS signed by the supervisor/manager to the dean/director for their review and signature.
  4. Once signed by the two levels of management, the employee is responsible for submitting the completed JFS to Human Resources. The JFS can be emailed to or submitted in person to MyHR at A-4023. Please ensure that the JFS has all the signatures and an attached organizational chart. Any reclassification action will be effective the date the fully completed, signed JFS is received by MyHR.
  5. MyHR sends an email confirmation of receipt, with the effective date (date received). The JFS is forwarded by MyHR to the appropriate HR advisor for initial review.
  6. The HR advisor reviews the submission to ensure there is a significant change in the duties and functions as it compares to the previous JFS submitted for that position, if applicable. If it is felt there isn’t a significant change, the employee will be notified in writing by the HR advisor. Please see When JE Should Occur
  7. Once this initial review is completed, the HR advisor will plan to complete the review. This may take 6-12 months depending on the number of JE submissions the HR advisor is assigned. From time to time, it may take longer than anticipated. Any changes that occur to the position between the time of submission and the review of the JFS are not taken into consideration during the review. If substantial changes occur in that timeframe, it would be necessary to submit a subsequent JFS.
  8. The HR advisor schedules individual meetings with the employee and the supervisors/managers who signed the JFS. These meetings are to clarify any questions the HR advisor may have arising from the JFS. It is also an opportunity for the employee and the supervisor/manager and dean/director to provide additional examples, clarify and explain the work of the position.
  9. The position is rated within Human Resources in consultation with the job design and evaluation consultant utilizing Memorial’s application of the Aiken Plan.
  10. A characterization of the position is prepared and submitted to the dean/director for review. This provides an overview of the position as it relates to the nine factors that make up the Aiken Plan.
  11. Once the position characterization is confirmed, the ratings are finalized and the results are released to the employee through a Notification of Results.
  12. If the employee is satisfied that the key functions and duties of the position have been accurately captured, any changes required to adjust the title, job class and/or salary are processed.
  13. If the employee feels that the ratings did not accurately capture the position, the employee must complete the Request for Appeal form enclosed with the Notification of Results and submit it to MyHR within 10 business days of the release of the rating results. Prior to completing the appeal form, the employee must meet with their HR advisor or the job design and evaluation consultant to review the Aiken Plan as it is applied at Memorial. An appeal will be scheduled as soon as possible. No further action is taken (title, job class or salary changes) until the completion of the appeal.