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Procedure for Flexible Work Arrangements

Approval Date: 2018-03-15

Effective Date: 2018-04-01

Responsible Unit: Department of Human Resources


Requests for Flexible Work Arrangements are to be submitted using the Flexible Work Arrangement Application Form.

Types of flexible work arrangements include:

  • Reduced Work Week- a shorter work Day or a shorter Work Week. Salary and benefits are prorated based upon the number of hours worked. If working less than 20 hours per week, the Employee is not included in the University's pension or benefits plans.

  • Job Sharing - sharing of a position with another Employee; wages and benefits are prorated according to the hours worked. The Department of Human Resources can assist in finding a job-sharing partner and develop a job-sharing agreement.

  • Short-Term Lateral Position Exchange - The transfer of Employees to lateral positions (those of the same or comparable classification) with the consent of both Employees and the respective Unit Heads. The Department of Human Resources can be contacted for assistance in finding a Position Exchange Partner.

  • Revised Daily Work Schedule - The revision of an Employee's daily work schedule to reflect a starting time and/or ending time which is different from an Employee's standard hours of work.

  • Compressed Work Schedule - An arrangement whereby Employees work longer hours, including the option of working a reduced lunch break, for the purpose of facilitating periods of time off with pay at other times, subject to the following conditions:
    • Employees may accrue a total of 14.0 hours each Fall (September-December) and Winter (January-April) semesters. The 14.0 hours are to be utilized in the semester they are earned and can not be carried forward.
    • Compressed Work arrangements will cease in the summer months.
    • The extra time worked must not exceed an average of a half hour per day. Compressed work hours may be achieved by starting earlier in the day, reducing a one hour lunch period to a half hour and/or ending later in the day. Compensatory time off may be taken at times which are mutually agreed upon between the Employee and their immediate supervisor, subject to the operating requirements of the Employee's unit.
    • The Employee will not be entitled to overtime compensation for the extra daily or weekly hours worked under this arrangement
    • Compensatory time off is to be taken at straight times
    • Employees are not permitted to accumulate or "bank" coffee break time for the purpose of Compressed Work hours
    • Management and Professional and Senior Administrative Management Employees are not eligible to participate in this flexible arrangement option

It is important to note that the following standard provisions apply:

  • Not all jobs may be suitable for each flexible option outlined;
  • The skills and abilities of Employees may impact the decision to approve;
  • Organizational and operational requirements will supersede any and all requests;
  • No requests are approved if there are additional costs i.e. Overtime;
  • In no circumstances may an Employee's daily hours of work be modified to start earlier, or end later, by more than one hour
  • Unit goals and objectives must not be compromised due to flexible work arrangements;
  • Any approved flexible work arrangement may be suspended during peak service times, during summer hours, or may be cancelled for any other reason with prior consultation between the Unit and/or the Employee;
  • Unit Heads are not obliged to replace reduced hours with other Employees on a part-time basis or otherwise, and shall ensure in any event that no additional salary costs are incurred as a result of the proposed arrangement

Policies using this procedure: