Job Evaluation Appeal Process

An employee may decide to appeal the results of their job evaluation. Appeals must be submitted to Human Resources on the Request for Appeal form within 10 business days of the release of the rating results. All appeals are held confidentially and are final and binding.

Please note, the committee may assign a higher grade, lower grade or leave the factor as initially rated.

Appeal Process

  1. Prior to completing the appeal form, the employee must meet with their HR advisor or the job design and evaluation consultant to review the Aiken Plan as it is applied at Memorial. The employee may also request to meet with a rater from the group of appeal committee members to have further confidential discussions about the Aiken Plan.
  2. The supervisor/manager and dean/director should be informed of the intent to appeal.
  3. The appeal is scheduled as promptly as possible with an appeal committee of three experienced raters. These raters are employees from the university who are independent of Human Resources and experienced in rating non-academic staff positions using the Aiken Plan.
  4. The appeal chair will set a date and time for the appeal, inviting the employee, the supervisor/manager and the dean/director to participate. The HR advisor who completed the initial review and/or the job design and evaluation consultant may also be consulted by the appeal committee as requested.
  5. The appeal committee reviews the JFS, ratings and any other information provided prior to the appeal. This may also include information on comparator positions or bench positions used during the initial evaluation. The committee members will formulate questions to ask appeal participants to ensure a complete understanding of the position.
  6. The appeal committee provides the appellant the opportunity to present information the appellant feels is relevant to the process. The appeal committee may also ask for the appellant to provide examples to supplement the information provided.
  7. The appeal committee rates the appealed factors. The results of the appeal are communicated in writing to the employee by the chair of the appeal committee.
  8. Any changes required to the position title, job class and salary are processed.