CUPE Supplemental Maternity, Parental and Adoption Leave

Effective Aug. 28, 2023, CUPE members at Memorial are entitled to a supplemental maternity/parental/adoption leave (top-up). 

Please see below for some frequently asked questions on this new benefit.

1) What benefit am I entitled to under the new supplemental maternity/parental/adoption leave?

Under article 31.05 (g) to (n) of the CUPE collective agreement, employees with at least six months’ continuous employment who are eligible for Memorial’s group benefits are entitled to a supplemental allowance.  The benefit is 93% of your weekly rate of pay for one week if you are serving an EI waiting period and a top-up to 93% of your weekly rate for up to sixteen weeks of EI-approved benefits. 

Employees must apply and be approved for EI maternity/parental/adoption leave to qualify. 

The top-up is calculated based on the employee receiving EI at the standard rate of 55% of the maximum insurable salary for the year.

2) Where can I find information about EI maternity/parental/adoption benefits?

Information on EI maternity/parental/adoption benefits can be found on the Government of Canada website, found here.

3) How do I apply for the supplemental leave benefit?

Please complete the application form for maternity/parental/adoption leave found in the forms section of the employee portal. You will also need to sign the supplemental leave agreement, also found in the portal.

Along with these forms, you have to provide documentation from Service Canada demonstrating that you are approved for EI maternity/parental/adoption benefits.  A screenshot of “My Latest Claim” from your My Service Canada Account is usually sufficient, as long as it indicates all of the following:

  • whether you are serving a waiting period
  • what your weekly EI benefit rate is
  • whether you are receiving standard or extended benefits
  • what the start date of your claim is
  • what your return to work date is

Here is a sample screenshot that provides the required information.

If your screenshot does not contain all of the above information, please call Service Canada at 1-800-206-7218 and ask them to provide documentation providing all of the required information.

4) How long will it take for my application to be processed by HR?

Once all of the required information has been received (please see question 3), you should receive your first supplemental leave benefit within three weeks. Delays in providing all the required information will result in delays in your supplemental benefits.

5) What deductions will be taken from my benefit?

All normal deductions will be taken except for EI. Pension and group insurances, calculated based on your full salary, will be deducted from your supplemental leave benefit.

6) Can I share the benefit with my spouse?

If your spouse is a CUPE member at Memorial, you may share the supplemental allowance; however, the combined benefit is a maximum of seventeen weeks. Please see Section 1 of the supplemental leave application form.

7) Are there any requirements to return to work after my supplemental leave benefits?

Yes, you are required to return to work for a period equal to the number of full-time weeks for which you received supplemental leave benefits within eighteen months of the end of your benefit period. Otherwise, you will be required to repay the supplemental leave benefits you received. You must sign an agreement to repay your benefits in the event you do not complete the required service.