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Procedure for Availing of Memorial University Credit Courses

Approval Date: 2014-02-06

Effective Date: 2014-02-06

Responsible Unit: Department of Human Resources



Approval for financial assistance for credit courses must be obtained prior to the semester start date (as outlined in University academic calendar) for which assistance is requested. The University has no obligation to pay for courses which have not received prior approval.


Upon approval from the Department of Human Resources, the employee is eligible to have the equivalent of either one undergraduate course or one graduate program fee paid for each semester a course is taken. Employees must apply for each semester funding is requested.

Continuance fees shall be paid subject to satisfactory progress towards programme completion. The School of Graduate Studies, in consultation with the appropriate graduate unit, shall inform the Manager, Learning and Development, of the student's progress on request.

Application Process

  1. Employees must complete all sections of the Application for Financial Assistance for Memorial University Credit Course Form as available on the Learning & Development, Department of Human Resources website.
  2. The Application form must be approved and signed by Unit Head and forwarded to the Department of Human Resources prior to course/semester start date (as outlined in the University academic calendar) for final review and approval.
  3. The employee will be promptly informed by the Department of Human Resources of approved financial assistance.
  4. If the application for credit training is not approved, the employee will be promptly informed by the Department of Human Resources for the reason of non-approval.

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