Newly Approved / Revised Policies

Recruitment and Selection of Non-Academic Employees

Memorial’s Board of Regents approved a Recruitment and Selection of Non-Academic Employees policy on Dec. 6, 2018; the new policy was effective Jan. 3, 2019.

Under the new policy, the Department of Human Resources and units share the responsibility for the recruitment, selection and hiring of non-academic positions. Human Resources will continue to provide advice and guidance throughout the hiring process while maintaining a level of oversight on quality and key processes. Units will be responsible for fostering positive relationships with candidates and will have more autonomy.

Units will be identifying selection committee chairs and training will be provided to these individuals. This training will commence in coming weeks. In recognition of various unit recruitment needs, training will be on-going over a six-month period. Until a unit has a trained individual who can act as selection committee chair, Human Resources will continue to serve as that role for the unit.

Student Employment policy

The Board of Regents, at its meeting held on July 5, 2018, approved the revised Student Employment policy and its related procedure. The revised policy provides clarity regarding research projects and the hiring of students and outlines the role of the School of Graduate Studies in the administration of graduate student employment.

The policy revisions have no impact on student employment programs administered by Student Life. For other student employment opportunities that are administered by the Department of Human Resources, a revised procedure has been created. To ease the process of verifying student employment eligibility, the revised procedure includes reference to a new Undergraduate Student Employment Agreement that hiring units will need to have students complete. The procedure also includes reference to a modified Undergraduate Student Employment Action form which will need to be completed upon each hire by the hiring unit. These forms have been posted to the portal and can be accessed by clicking on the Employees tab and choosing the Recruitment section of HR Employee forms.

Leave Administration policy

Memorial has a new Leave Administration policy which was approved by the Board of Regents at its meeting on March 15, 2018. This policy incorporates the following previous university policies:

• Deferred Salary Leave Program
• Leave Without Pay
• Recognizing Previous Service for Determining Annual Vacation Entitlement
• Work Flex Program

For additional information, please consult the Leave Administration Policy FAQs.