Through a partnership with IBM Canada, Memorial’s Centre for Analytics, Informatics and Research (CAIR) is offering Memorial employees free access to IBM’s digital training program – SkillsBuild

A staggered rollout of the SkillsBuild program to Memorial employees is currently taking place and it should be available to all employees in the coming months.    

What is SkillsBuild?

IBM SkillsBuild is a free, digital training program that helps participants develop valuable new skills regardless of their background or education. It provides diagnostics, online coursework, resume-building certifications, 1:1 coaching from mentors and project-based learning.

What's unique about SkillsBuild? 

  • Availability of approximately 1,000+ online, self-paced courses for IT and non-IT jobs in a range of industries 
  • Courses on professional workplace skills like collaboration, communication and problem solving 
  • Certifications for course and pathway completion for specific job roles
  • Free support from partner organizations, providing real-world, portfolio building projects, job fairs and personalized coaching

With IBM SkillsBuild, participants will gain core technology and important workplace skills in leadership, communication, programming, problem solving and/or writing. Plus, they can earn IBM-branded digital credentials.


To register for SkillsBuild, please complete the form at the following link:

Additional Information

You can learn more about the online course catalog at

For more information, please contact Bev Morgan at or 709-864-6614 or Andrea Kavanagh at or 709 864 6442.