Student Forms


General Application to Memorial University
You can submit a general application to Memorial if you are:

  • a student who is new to Memorial
  • a recent high school graduate
  • a transfer student from another post-secondary institution

Preference Form for the Major
For Engineering One students to apply for their major preference.
Deadline: First day of the Spring Term.

Application for Engineering One
For current MUN students who wish to apply to the Faculty of Engineering.
Deadline: March 1.

Application for Re-Admission to Academic Terms 4 Through 8
For students seeking to rejoin the Faculty who were previously admitted to AT 4 through AT 8. 

Match Forfeit Form
For Engineerig One students to who wish to change their assigned major.
Deadline: Last day of classess in the Spring Term.

Admission Acceptance Card
For students who have been accepted to the Faculty of Engineering.


Course Change Form
This form is for the purpose of making changes to your registration (add/drop courses) and should be used when such changes cannot be made through Student Web.

Course Exemption Request
For students who believe they have equivalent course credit for a required course.

Prerequisite Waiver Request
For students who believe they have equivalent course credit for a pre-requisite course.

Course Load Waiver
For students who wish to register for more than 18 credit hours.


Complementary Studies Audit
It is the responsibility of all engineering students to ensure that the complementary studies requirements are met prior to graduation. Self-audit forms for this purpose can be found here.

Focus Stream – Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering Self-Audit
For ONAE students wishing to submit a focus stream concept.



Examination View Form
For students seeking to 'view' their final examination paper after it has been graded.

Examination Re-Read Request Form
For students seeking to apply to have a final examination paper re-read whether or not they have obtained a passing grade in that course.

Deferred Examination/Work Term Report/Presentation Form
For students seeking to defer an examination due to illness or other acceptable cause. To defer the due date of a WT report and/or date of their WT presentation due to illness or other acceptable cause.


Confirmation of Enrollment Form
For students requiring confirmation of their program of study.

Complementary Studies Forms
For Complemenatry Studies description and student self-audit forms, please click above to visit the Complemenatry Studies page.

Scholarship Forms
For scholarship forms, scholarship descriptions and recipients list, please click above to visit the Scholarships and Awards page.

Co-Op Forms
For the Co-op Forms, please click above to visit the Co-op page page.

Student Medical Certificate
This form is to be submitted along with deferred applications, when submitting an appeal or any other forms that may require medical supporting documentation.


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