Students pursuing a bachelor of arts with a major in German will normally take the following courses in their first year:

English 1090
(critical reading and writing (CRW) course)
German 1010
(CRW course)
German 10001 German 10011
quantitative reasoning (QR) course QR course
minor program course minor program course
(breadth of knowledge course encouraged)
(breadth of knowledge course encouraged)
  1. Native speakers of German and students with near-native fluency will not normally receive credit for courses taken at the first year level in their native language nor will they be allowed to challenge for credit at the first year level. Consult the with the Department of Modern Langugages, Literatures and Cultures to be placed at the appropriate level.
  2. Students intending to major in German should complete Language 2800 or Linguistics 2800.

Contact information

For assistance with course selection, contact the Academic Advising Centre.

For additional program information, visit the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures or contact the undergraduate program director.