SafeWalk and SafeDrive Programs

The MUNSU SafeWalk program is a service that enables students to actively foster a safe and supportive environment for their peers on campus. It is a student-run program that offers students, faculty, staff, and guests of the university accompaniment when walking around campus after dark. WalkSafe operates from 7 pm to 12 am, Sunday to Thursday. Anyone needing accompaniment to their on-campus destination may phone 864-6464.  

The MUNSU SafeDrive is a free service offered for students, providing rides home from campus during the Fall and Winter semesters. It operates from 7pm to 12am, Sunday to Thursday, with extended hours during exam periods. The SafeDrive van leaves every hour on the hour from the base of the clocktower, just outside the Queen Elizabeth II Library. To access this service, follow MUNSU SafeDrive on Facebook or email

Visit the MUNSU website for more up-to-date information and further details. 
For any emergencies, refer to the Emergency page.