Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Medicine (2022/2023)
10.4 Assessment
  1. Each student is expected to complete the work of the class as described in the current regulations of the Faculty of Medicine for each Phase of the program and to pass the prescribed academic and professional assessments. In this context, the professional assessments will cover not only the skills expected of a student, but personal conduct and relationships with peers, patients, hospital personnel, faculty members and staff.

  2. Course grades are recorded as pass or fail on a student’s University transcript. Within each Phase, there will be multiple prescribed assessments. For all Phases, assessment of an individual student’s performance is the responsibility of the appropriate Phase Lead. Grades for all Phases may be reported using an internal scale.

    1. The appropriate Phase Lead or designate is responsible for ensuring that each student is informed of the results of each assessment. The appropriate Phase Lead will notify the student, in writing, of any concerns that have arisen about performance. The Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education will also be informed.

    2. It is the responsibility of the student to consult immediately with the appropriate Phase Lead regarding any assessment in which concerns about performance have been expressed. Within one week of receiving notification of the result of an assessment, a student may submit a written request to the appropriate Phase Lead for reconsideration of the assessment result or for a reread of an exam or paper.

    3. The student is responsible for notifying the appropriate Phase Lead immediately of any new or pre-existing circumstances that could affect the student's individual performance in the work of the class.

    4. For exemptions from final examinations and procedures for applying to write deferred examinations - see UNIVERSITY REGULATIONS - General Academic Regulations (Undergraduate), Exemptions From Final Examinations and Procedures for Applying to Write Deferred Examinations. For detailed information about deferred examinations or assessments see the Undergraduate Medical Education Deferred Examination Policy.

  3. A student’s progress is monitored in each Phase of the program by the appropriate Phase Management Team.