Student Advising

For general advice to first-year students, check with the Academic Advising Centre.

For advice on Math, Physics, Chemistry or English courses, check with the appropriate department.

For advising on admission to the faculty or course planning for Engineering One or Academic Term 3, please contact:

Student Liaison Officer, Undergraduate Studies
Area: Admissions, Engineering One
Phone: 709-864-2506
Email: engr-liaison[at]

For an overview of the Engineering One programming please click here.

For various application and forms related to engineering, adding or dropping a course, etc please click here.


When is the deadline for Engineering applications? Does Engineering accept late applications?

All applications for Engineering One and Term 3 are due by March 1 in the year you wish to begin the program. March 1 is a strict deadline and late applications will only be accepted with extenuating circumstances.

I did not get the required mark on the MPT - what now?

Contact the Math Department. If you were conditionally admitted to the Faculty, you must be registered for Math 1000 by the last day to add courses in the fall semester in which you were admitted. The Math Department controls access to Math 1000.

What happens if I don't not get accepted to Engineering One?

There are two ways to gain access into the Engineering Faculty. Through Engineering One or as a Bachelor of Science student, you can take the required Engineering One courses and then apply for acceptance into Term 3. In each of the four engineering courses, there are a small number of seats open for Bachelor of Science students - these seats are on a first-come, first-served basis and are competitive. If you are not eligible to register in one of these seats, add your name to the waiting list. Students on the waitlist being offered a seat will be notified via email before the end of the first week of classes. Please do not contact the Engineering Department about the waitlists - we cannot advise if you will be offered a seat.

If there's a time conflict with my Engineering course lab or tutorial, can I take one class slot and a different lab or tutorial?

No. However, if your conflict is with Chemistry or Physics, the Chemistry or Physics Department may let you take one lab slot and another class slot if there is more than one slot of the course.

Can I take a course while on a work term if I'm an Engineering One student?

In order to go on a Spring work term in your Engineering One year, you need to have completed all of the 11 required course before the end of the Winter semester. To view the Engineering One eligibility for work term policy, please click here.

What if I do not get the required grade in a course, even if I have the overall required average?

You must repeat the course. You must achieve at least the bare minimum grade in each course as indicated in the course planning worksheet, as well as the overall average.

What if I fail an Engineering One required course?

If you wish to promote to Term 3, you must repeat the course before the end of the Spring semester.

Do you have to take the 11 required courses in the Fall and Winter semesters?

No. You have three semesters (Fall, Winter, and Spring) to complete the 11 required courses. You can take these courses in any order you wish, but please be cognizant of when the courses are offered. Not all courses will be offered in the Spring semester.

What is the likelihood of an Engineering One student getting a work erm in the Spring Semester?

This question does not have a simple answer. The ability of an Engineering One student to obtain a workterm after two semesters of Engineering One courses is dependent upon factors within a student's control (e.g., grades; interview performance) as well as factors outside of a student's control (e.g., availability of positions; competition; company culture). We recommend that students attend all sessions of the ENGI 200W Professional Development course and consult with the Engineering Co-op Office.

For discipline-specific topics in Academic Terms 3 through Academic Term 8 -  such as technical electives and focus streams - contact the appropriate department head listed below:

Civil Engineering
Dr. Bing Chen, Department Head

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dr. Cheng Li, Department Head
(709) 864-8972

Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Yuri Muzychka, Department Head

Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering
Dr. Wei Qiu, Department Head

Process Engineering
Dr. Syed Imtiaz, Department Head
(709) 864-6749