Memorial students win international ferry competition

Oct 8th, 2014

By Jackey Locke

Memorial students win international ferry competition

Recently, students from Memorial won an international competition where they were tasked with designing a safe and affordable ferry. 

“There are a lot of countries that rely on marine transportation to support their economies; however, some of these nations sometime do not have enough money to build or buy ferries that are suitable to operate safely under the conditions in which they operate,” said Nicholas Boyd, an ocean and naval architectural engineering student and team member. “This has been noted as a contributing cause of many accidents in the past. And so this competition was put in place in response to this fact, and is intended to collect input for new ideas and innovative concepts to build safe and affordable ferries for these nations.”

This is the first time students from Memorial have entered this competition. They competed against post-secondary students from four other countries – the US, Germany, France and India – and with a passion for ocean and naval architectural engineering and a desire to make a difference in the world, the team from Memorial came away with the winning design. 

Along with Mr. Boyd, Edward Moakler and Logan Miller, ocean and naval architectural engineering students, Bethany Randell, a graduate of electrical engineering, Luke Hancox, a graduate of mechanical engineering and Aaron Ng, a naval architecture student at Memorial’s Fisheries and Marine Institute, competed in The Worldwide Ferry Safety Association Student Design Competition. Their winning ferry design used watertight interior and exterior hulls to create a double hull barrier to the ocean. The ship was designed using basic forms, which would simplify building practices allowing it to be built and used almost anywhere in the world.

The team members hope their design, which has already earned them worldwide recognition, will help to make ferries safer and more affordable throughout the world.

“It truly is a great honour,” said Mr. Boyd. “We have always had a great passion for naval architectural design and we are very happy we are able to give back to the world. To be recognized for our work and appreciated in this way is, truly, one of the greatest feelings that I have ever experienced.

“We produced a design using very simple technology that was easy to build, reliable, and can be produced cheaply anywhere in the world. We wanted to make sure the local nation would be able to build it, and wouldn’t need to outsource this work anywhere else. We wanted them to be able to invest in their own economy when building these vessels. We felt this would be the best opportunity not only to build this affordably, but to be able to use the money effectively within their own country.”

The team will present their winning design at the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers later this month in Houston.




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