Engineering professor receives President's Award for Outstanding Teaching

Dec 9th, 2020

By Jackey Locke

Dr. Janna Rosales
Engineering professor receives President's Award for Outstanding Teaching

Dr. Janna Rosales, assistant professor (teaching), core, has been honoured with the President's Award for Outstanding Teaching (Lecturers and Instructional Staff) for 2020.

Dr. Rosales received the award for her teaching practices, which instills professionalism in her students.

"As one of the few faculty members in engineering who has contact with virtually every undergrad at some point in their program, it means a lot to me to help students navigate their own professional journeys as they find out who they want to be in the world,” said Dr. Rosales. “It's gratifying to receive this award because it says a lot not only about how I've grown and developed as a professional, but about the kind of inclusive space that Engineering strives to be.”

Dr. Rosales teaches courses to engineering students that focus on long-term professional growth, which includes critical thinking, teamwork, communication, and the social and ethical implications of technology and engineering.

In designing these courses, she explicitly links the graduate attributes of the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board to learning outcomes and assessments.

It is important for Dr. Rosales that her students care about the content of her courses and find the course material relevant to their own lives. For this reason, self-reflection and professional self-awareness in her courses are important and her assignments are flexible and personal. For example, in one assignment students reflect on their academic, work term and extracurricular experiences, then create and execute a plan to develop skills that will be useful on their professional journey.

Dr. Rosales use a blended learning approach in her courses where students access material online, then come to class where, in a safe and inclusive space, they reflect, discuss, collaborate and produce. Through these activities, she challenges students to examine their personal values, beliefs and biases.

Dr. Rosales regularly participates in teaching development events and consults and contributes to the scholarly literature on teaching and learning. She has presented locally, nationally and internationally on teaching workplace mindfulness, professionalism and research writing, among other topics. In 2015 she was selected the faculty’s Chair for Teaching and Learning. In this role, she became an advocate, champion and role model for effective teaching and learning practices.

“I particularly want to thank Prof. Andy Fisher in his time as associate dean, undergraduate studies, during the formative years of my career for helping create a space in engineering where a faculty member like myself with a background outside of engineering can find a place to thrive, and Dr. Cecilia Moloney for giving me a start and providing such valuable mentorship."

With files from the Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning.





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