Ocean sciences

Students pursuing a bachelor of science with a major in ocean sciences or ocean sciences (environmental systems) will normally take the following courses in their first year:

Mathematics 1000 Physics 1020
Ocean Sciences 1000 Earth Sciences 1000
Biology 1001 Biology 1002
Chemistry 1050 Chemistry 1051
English 1090
(critical reading and writing (CRW) course)
CRW course
  1. Entrance to the Ocean Science major program requires completion of 10 courses. Students who must complete Mathematics 1090 or Chemistry 1010 will not have space in their schedules to declare this major following completion of two semesters. Please seek support at the contact info listed below if you are concerned about course scheduling and need advice on when to apply.

Contact information

For assistance with course selection, contact the Academic Advising Centre.

For additional program information, visit the Department of Ocean Sciences or email oceanundergrad@mun.ca.