Student News



  • The MUN Concrete Toboggan Team placed high in several categories at the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR) 2023:
    • 2nd (Aesthetically-pleasing toboggan)
    • 3rd (main racing event: King of the Hill)
    • 3rd (braking)
    • 3rd (ski reinforcement)
    • 4th (overall run with overall run with a top speed of 45 km/hour)
    • 5th (steering design)

  • Congratulations to first-year Memorial student Ethan Smith is the 2022–23 recipient of the Peter Kohler Engineering Scholarship.

  • On Feb. 4, Engineering Student Society 'B' hosted the annual Winter Charity Ball in support of the Association for New Canadians and the Canadian Mental Health Association Newfoundland and Labrador. Each association received $10,000. The Charity Ball plaque was also unveiled at the event.

  • On Feb. 1, the Memorial Baja Team competed in the SAE competition, Épreuve du Nord, in Quebec.

  • February month was Black History Month and members of Memorial's National Society of Black Engineers were highlighted as well as some alumni.

  • Congratulations to all engineering students who competed at the recent Atlantic Engineering Competition (AEC), hosted byDalhousie University, Jan. 20-22.



November/ December

  • The Undergraduate Office held the fall 2022 Semester Awards Ceremony, and $219,050 was distributed in scholarships and awards to 112 deserving students.
  • On Nov. 23, students were invited to Conversation and Coffee with the Dean and Management Team.
  • On Nov. 30, the faculty welcomed new undergraduate students during the fifth annual iron Pin Ceremony.


  • The faculty gained 12 new bachelors of engineering alums.
  • Volunteers from Student Societies A and B participated in a community initiative to help Make a Wish Canada grant a young girl's wish for a wheelchair-accessible swing set.
  • First-year engineering student Samantha Morgan was named the 2022 recipient of the Schulich Leader Scholarship.


  • The faculty held the spring 2022 Semester Awards Ceremony. A total of 113 students received more than $47K in scholarships and awards.
  • Computer engineering student Kamil Ali is the 2022-23 recipient of the Fry Family Foundation's Dean's Leadership Award in Engineering.
  • New students were given a tour of the engineering building. Its laboratories met with folks in the Engineering One Student Success Centre and Engineering Co-op Education and enjoyed a yummy barbeque as part of Fall Student Orientation. The students also learned about the various disciplines from senior students, participated in a games night and had an opportunity to chat with members of the student society and different student teams.


  • The faculty gained 215 new bachelors of engineering alums.
  • Eastern Edge Robotics placed third overall and first for their engineering presentation at the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE).
  • The Student Design Hub hosted the first Student Design Showcase. More than $23,000 was raised, and the Best in Show presentation went to the MUN Concrete Toboggan team.
  • Cait Chapman was awarded the Dean's Honour Award in Engineering.
  • The following received University Medals at Spring 2022 Convocation:
    • Chantel Finn (civil)
    • Emma Smart (mechanical)
    • Nathaniel Petten (electrical)
    • Matthew Kennedy (computer)
    • Miriam Simmons (ocean and naval architectural)
    • Thomas Park (process)
  • Daniel Thorsen received the PEGNL Award for Excellence at Spring 2022 Convocation.
  • Davyani Vasta received the PEGNL Anniversary Award at Spring 2022 Convocation.
  • Francis Walsh received the IEEE NL Section Award at Spring 2022 Convocation.


  • Winners of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Capstone Projects:
    • Dekabot (Andrew Troake, Megan Spencer, Danielle Reid and Cait Chapman) won first place for presentation and second for its demo video.
    • Waggle (Nadia Shalaby, Abigayle Hickey, Emily Wiseman and Christian James) won second place for presentation.
    • Amello (Austin Aitken, Hannah Boland and Jonathan Taylor) won first place for its demo video and third place for its presentation.
    • Choreobots (Shelby Snow, Alex Mills, Joshua Harris, Jaydev Madub and Girish Ramful) won third place for its demo video.
  • Winners of the Civil Engineering Capstone Projects:
    • BRICK Consulting Team (Dan Amisi, Parishat Tanakoor, Dooshyantt Doobaly and Muhummad Osama) won the Best Project Award for their project "Mount Carmel Pond Storage Optimization and Spillway Replacement."
    • SARK Consultants Team (Sarah Walsh, Alyson Moores, Rachel Coombs and Kate Flynn) won the Best Presentation Award for their project "West Bottom Brook Bridge Replacement."
  • Winner of the Term 8 Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering Project:
    • Erin Maher, Miriam Simmons, Jenna Walsh and Chloe Farrell) for their project "Offshore Windfarm Service Operations Vehicle."
  • Winners of the Term 8 Mechanical Projects:
    • Team Hybrid (Rabiutaofeek S.M. Ehsanul Haque, Kove Daisy and Keith-Kevin Gambura) for their project Hybrid Power System for Remote Communities.
    • The Hydrogen Next Team (Jonah Kettle, Mattison Earle, Christian Mast, Alyssa Keough and Donovan Cull) for their project Hybrid Power System for Remote Communities.
    • The structural team of the Killick-1 CubeSat project (Saleh Elfasav, Jose Medina, Alejandra Araniva and Pinaak Nemade) for ensuring the structural integrity of the satellite through testing and investigation.
  • Erin Maher, the first recipient of the Fry Family Foundation's Dean's Leadership Award.
  • The faculty hosted the Winter 2022 Semester Awards Ceremony. A total of $76,390 was awarded to deserving students.
  • MUN RoboSub and Pheonix Aerospace were awarded the IEEE Canadian Foundation Special Grant.