Angus Bruneau Student LIFE Program

The Angus Bruneau Student LIFE Program, which is a $1,000,000 donation by Drs. Angus and Jean Bruneau, encourages and supports student leadership and innovation in engineering education, research and community service

The Angus Bruneau Student LIFE Program will provide funding for student-led initiatives that significantly enhance the experience of students in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Memorial University, and will support initiatives that would not be normally funded through the faculty's operating budget.

Applications for funding through the Angus Bruneau Student LIFE Program may be made at any time by students in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Normally, for each initiative, a faculty member or the Student Design Hub will formally endorse and mentor the student or student group leading the initiative, though exceptions will be considered. Decisions about funding will be made early in each semester (Fall, Winter and Spring) and applications must be received within four weeks of the start of the semester to be considered for that semester.

Applications are now being accepted for funds up to $10,000. The fund will provide financial awards on a matching basis such that students will be required to raise some portion of the funds needed for the project. The level of matching will be decided by the Proposal Review Committee (PRC) to oversee the Angus Bruneau Student LIFE Program, on a project-by-project basis.

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