Admissions / High School Courses Requirements

Admission to Engineering One and to the majors offered by the faculty is competitive. The Admissions Committee reviews your grades in the following five courses: Pre-Calculus 3208, Physics 3204, Chemistry 3202, English Language Arts 3201, and Advanced Mathematics 3200. In general, grades above 80% in those courses are normally required for consideration. Students graduating from high schools in other Canadian provinces or international secondary schools should have equivalent courses to the NL courses listed above.


Newfoundland and Labrador high school students must normally complete Advanced Mathematics 3200 with a minimum grade of 75%. Calculus 3208 is recommended. Students who complete Calculus 3208 are eligible to write the Calculus Placement Test; successful students will receive credit for MATH 1000 and can proceed to MATH 1001. Exceptional applicants who have only completed Academic Mathematics 3201 will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Students who enter Engineering without Advanced Mathematics 3200 must complete MATH 1090 before enrolling for MATH 1000; students in this position may require more than one year to complete Engineering One.

Out-of-province high school students must complete a Grade 12 level advanced mathematics course with a score of at least 75%. Alternatively, students who have taken a differential calculus course can write the Calculus Placement Test and obtain permission from the program officer.

Completion of International Baccalaureate (IB) Higher Level Mathematics with a score of five or completion of Advanced Placement Mathematics (Calculus AB or BC) with a score of three or higher will be accepted as equivalent credit for MATH 1000. Completion of IB Standard Level Mathematics with a score of four will allow for registration in MATH 1000.


You must be eligible to register for CHEM 1050 and PHYS 1050 and PHYS 1051 in Engineering One. Students who have completed Chemistry 3202 (or equivalent) in high school will be eligible for admission to Chemistry 1050 in Engineering One. It is strongly recommended that students complete Physics 3204 (or equivalent) in high school prior to registering for PHYS 1050.