Public lecture on the role of carbon capture utilization and storage in green energy transition

Sep 18th, 2023

By Jackey Locke

Have you ever wondered … about the role of carbon capture utilization and storage in green energy transition?

A panel of Memorial University professors will explain the concepts of carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS). They will talk about the different technologies, and scientific and engineering principles used and the advantages and disadvantages of the different technologies highlighting what’s applicable to different regions in Canada.

They will also share some of the latest and greatest research being performed right here in in Newfoundland and Labrador.


Dr. Lesley James

Dr. James is a professor of process engineering focused on Newfoundland and Labrador natural resource development and energy. Fundamentally, Dr. James focuses on understanding the fluid-fluid and fluid-rock interactions of multiphase flow in porous media from molecular to field scale. She works on multidisciplinary teams and collaborates with industry on the fundamentals used to solve locally relevant challenges such as sustainable, enhanced lower carbon offshore oil production and carbon storage.

Dr. Kelly Hawboldt

Dr. Hawboldt is a chemical engineer and a professor in the Department of Process Engineering. She is committed to helping Canadians produce, use and conserve resources while protecting the environment. Dr. Hawboldt focuses on engaging regions in the “circular economy” through the creation of processes and products in regions where infrastructure, distance-to-market, low volumes and highly diverse feedstock require innovative and integrated approaches. She works with a multi-disciplinary group of chemists, biochemist and ocean scientists to develop green processes and products that “fit” regional needs and abilities, ensuring remote and rural regions can be sustainably developed.

Dr. Michael Katz

Dr. Katz is an associate professor in the Department of Chemistry. Dr. Katz’s research is focused on the synthesis, properties and applications of porous materials. In particular, he is focused on understanding how porous materials can be used to store, separate and/or utilize environmentally harmful gases. His research team is focused on understanding the underlying chemistry so that we can design better materials for these applications.

Dr. Kristin Poduska

Dr. Poduska is a professor in the Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography. She analyzes and re-designs carbon-based materials (carbonate minerals and graphite) to harness the benefits of their interactions with water. Dr Poduska leads and works with interdisciplinary teams to address research problems related to improving environmental sustainability, including their science and social justice aspects.

This lecture is part of Science Literacy Week.

Hosted by the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Memorial and the Professional Engineers & Geoscientists Newfoundland & Labrador, this event for Let’s Talk Science Week will be held on Thursday, Sept. 21 at 7 p.m. (Newfoundland time) on Memorial’s St. John’s campus in the S.J. Carew (Engineering) Bldg., rm. EN2006.

All are welcome. Free parking in lot 60. Reception to follow talk.