Meeting our future Engineering students at the Open House event

Mar 20th, 2024

Nataliia Bon

Memorial University’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science hosted its annual public open house on Saturday, March 16 in the S. J. Carew Building.

It was a very family-friendly event that began with information booths and guided tours of laboratories. People have come into a contact with the real magic of Engineering. Some highlights included a tour of the working laboratories. Among other experiments, students demostrated how they could use a unique tool to solve the problem of Ocean pollution. Kids and adults were really impressed by it. 

Visitors also learned about our co-operative education program that allows the students to gain up to two years of industry work experience before they graduate. Our students were involved in incredible groups and teams. Families enjoyed learning about the real world applications of engineering. 


This is the Engineering world we live in!