Yahui Zhang

Yahui Zhang


  • Associate Professor
Contact Information
Ph: 709-864-2604
Em: yahuiz[at]mun.ca
Office: IIC1012
  • Mineral Processing
Research Interests
Mineral Processing; Hydrometallurgy; Chemistry of Materials
Personal Profile

Dr. Yahui Zhang joined the Department of Process Engineering at Memorial University of Newfoundland as an assistant professor in mineral processing and hydrometallurgy in January, 2016. Before that, he was a professor in mineral processing and hydrometallurgy at Northeastern University in China. He had worked as a Senior Metallurgist in Beijing General Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (BGRIMM) for 9 years.

He earned his first Ph.D. degree in Mineral Processing from the Central South University, Changsha, China, in 1996, and second Ph.D. degree in Materials Engineering from the University of Alberta, Canada, in 2005.

Having been working as a professor in mineral processing and materials engineering for over 10 years, he taught major courses for undergraduate and graduate students in mineral processing, extractive metallurgy and materials engineering, e.g., Hydrometallurgy, Flotation, Research Methodology for Mineral Processing, Mineral Processing Design and Operations, Principles of Chemical Engineering, Solid State Chemistry, Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering, and Engineering Thermodynamics.

He has been principal investigator of more than 20 research projects, and published more than 70 papers in international and Chinese journals (such as Hydrometallurgy, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Minerals Engineering, Chemistry of Materials, Materials Science and Engineering, Mining and Metallurgy, Nonferrous Metals, and Metal Mine) and conference proceedings, and filed 13 patent applications, of which eight have been granted.

With more than 20 years research experience in mineral processing and extractive metallurgy, his research interests lie in the areas of extractive metallurgy of precious and nonferrous metals, mineral flotation, designing and finding of new reagents for flotation and metal extraction, novel processes for waste water treatment, and preparation of nanomaterials and nanopowders by electrochemical methods.


Representative Papers and Patents

  • Yahui Zhang, Qi Liu, Li Li, “Removal of Iron from Synthetic Copper Leach Solution Using a Hydroxy-Oxime Chelating Resin”, Hydrometallurgy, 164(9), 154-158(2016).
  • Yahui Zhang, “Mirror Symmetry Rule for the Interaction between Flotation Reagents and Mineral Interfaces”, Nonferrous Metals (Mineral Processing Section), (4), 90-96 (2016). (In Chinese)
  • Dahai You, Yahui Zhang, “Sulfatizing Roasting - Chlorine Salts Leaching Tests of Gold-containing Slag from Sulfuric Acid Production”, Gold, 37(1), 67-71(2016). (In Chinese)
  • Xuanwu Li, Yahui Zhang, Zhiwu Lei, Anping Wu, Li Li, Huanhuan Hong, “Magnesium Decrease and Quality Improvement of Nickel-Copper Mixed Concentrate in Jinchuan Based on Citric Acid-Modified Starch Combination”, Metal Mine, 44(7), 64-68 (2015). (In Chinese)
  • Yahui Zhang, Bo Tu, Gang Long, Dahai You and Huanhuan Hong, “A Roasting Pretreatment for Extracting Gold in Slags from Sulfuric Acid Production”, Chinese Patent, Application No. 201410270663.5 (2014).
  • Yahui Zhang, Bo Tu, Gang Long, Dahai You and Xuanwu Li, “A Process for Dearsenization and Desulfurization of Gold Ores with High Arsenic and Sulfur Contents”, Chinese Patent, Application No. 201410269525.5 (2014).
  • Yahui Zhang, Shuyun Fang, Junwei Huang, Dongdong Chen and Wenmao Tu, “A Depressant for Gangue Minerals in Graphite Ore Flotation and Its Application”, Chinese Patent, Application No. 201410249589.9 (2014).
  • Yahui Zhang, Zhao Cao, Yongdan Cao and Chuanyao Sun, “FTIR Studies of Xanthate Adsorption on Chalcopyrite, Pentlandite and Pyrite Surfaces”, Journal of Molecular Structure, 1048, 434–440 (2013).
  • Zhao Cao, Yahui Zhang and Yongdan Cao, “Reverse Flotation of Quartz from Magnetite Ore with Modified Sodium Oleate”, Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Review, 34 (5), 320–330 (2013).
  • Ye Gao, Yahui Zhang and Guangzun Ouyang, “The Anionic Reverse Flotation Orthogonal Experiment for XuanLong Oolitic Hematite after Magnetic Roasting-magnetic Separation”, Advanced Materials Research, 826, 130-135 (2013).
  • Chuanyao Sun, Yahui Zhang, Dianzuo Wang and Ning Ao, “A Leaching Process of Manganese Oxide Ores Using Phenol Compounds as Reducing Agents”, Chinese Patent, Application No. 95106747.8 (Granted in 1999).
  • Chuanyao Sun, Yahui Zhang and Dianzuo Wang, “A Leaching Process of Ocean Manganese Nodules Using Aromatic Amines as Reducing Agents”, Chinese Patent, Application No. 94117547.2 (Granted in 1998).



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