Syed Imtiaz

B.Sc., M.Sc. (BUET), M.Sc. (Calgary), PhD (Alberta), P.Eng.

  • Department Head, Process Engineering
  • Professor
Contact Information

Ph: 709-864-6749
Em: simtiaz[at]
Office: IIC1009

  • Process System
  • Safety and Risk
  • Simulation
Research Interests

Process Monitoring, Process Control, Modelling and Simulation

Personal Profile

I come from a chemical engineering background with a master’s degree in environmental engineering and a PhD in process control.

I joined the Faculty of Engineering at Memorial University in March 2010 as an assistant professor in the process engineering discipline.

From 2006 to until joining Memorial University I was working as a staff consultant in the Advanced Process Control group at Aspen Technology. I implemented advanced control solutions to a wide range of industries including different units (CDU, HDS, FCC) of refineries, Ethylene Plant, Methanol Plant and other Petro-Chemical plants.


NSERC Discovery Grant (2014-2018)
Imperial Oil University Research Award (2013-2015)

Member of the Editorial Board, Canadian Chemical Transactions

Selected Publications

1.Imtiaz S. A. and Baheri, H. R., A hybrid inverse-modeling technique to estimate circulation in a steady wind driven open channel flow”, Journal of Hydro-Environment Research, 2014,

2.Khan, M. A. I., Imtiaz, S. A., & Khan, F. Early Warning System for Chemical Processes with Time Delay and Limited Actuator Capacity. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 53(12), (2014), 4763-4772.

3.Zadakbar, O., Imtiaz, S. A. and Khan, F., “Dynamic Risk Assessment and Fault Detection using Principal Component Analysis”, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2013, 52, 809−816.

4.Musharraf, M. Hassan, J. Khan, F., Veitch, B. Mackinnon, S. and Imtiaz, S., Human Reliability Assessment during Offshore Emergency Conditions, Safety Science, 59 (2013) 19–27.

5. Zadakbar, O., Imtiaz, S. A. and Khan, F., “Dynamic Risk Assessment and Fault Detection using Multivariable Technique”, Process Safety Progress, 2013, DOI 10.1002/prs.11609.


Research Highlights

My research goal is to maximize yield while maintaining safe operation in processing industries. Currently I am working on developing advanced monitoring and control tools. I am using multivariate statistical tools and Bayesian belief network for complex reasoning and online diagnosis of process faults. In an Imperial Oil funded project I am working on modeling and simulation of Hydrogen Desulfurization process. I am also applying advanced control theories to automate managed pressure drilling (MPD) systems.

My research is motivated by practical problems and finds its application to two key areas relevant to this province: offshore oil and gas, and mineral processing. I have published more than thirty peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings.