Sohrab Zendehboudi

Sohrab ZendehboudiPhD (Waterloo)

  • Equinor Chair
  • Professor


Contact Information

Ph: 709-864-2190
Em: szendehboudi[at]
Office: IIC1014


  • Chemical and Process Engineering


Research Interests
  • Energy and Environment
  • Process Systems Engineering
  • Transport Phenomena
  • Carbon Capture, Utilization, Conversion, and Sequestration


Personal Profile

Dr. Sohrab Zendehboudi is a professor and research lead of a fairly large team in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Memorial University, where he is currently focusing on various theoretical and practical challenges in energy and environment through experimental and modeling investigations. 

For more than 15 years, Dr. Zendehboudi worked as a process engineer, researcher, instructor, co-supervisor and professor at various companies/universities in Iran, Kuwait, U.S.A. and Canada.

Dr. Zendehboudi holds a PhD in chemical engineering (specializing in transport phenomena) from the University of Waterloo.


Open Position(s)

We are always looking for highly motivated grad students and researchers with expertise in the following areas:

  • Transport Phenomena
  • Carbon Management
  • Process Systems Engineering

Applicants with strong knowledge/background and adequate experience in “Experimental Work,” “Numerical and Analytical Modeling,” “Molecular Dynamic Simulation,”“Density Functional Theory,” “Lattice Boltzmann Method,” and “Conventional and Hybrid Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Tools” are recommended to apply for possible positions.


Other Contacts