Neil Hookey

Neil Hookey

B.Eng. (Memorial), M.Eng., PhD (McGill), P.Eng.

  • Associate Professor
Contact Information
Ph: 709-864-2564
Em: nhookey[at]
Office: EN3070
Research Interests
Computational fluid dynamics
Personal Profile

I obtained my B.Eng (Mechanical) in 1984, and received my PhD in 1990 after five fun years in Montreal. Prior to joining the faculty in 1992, I was a research associate at the National Research Council Institute for Marine Dynamics in St. John's.

I teach courses in mechanics, heat transfer, and thermodynamics. No, I do not teach electric circuits. Warning: There is a cell phone usage fee in my classes.

My research interests are in computational fluid dynamics. Therefore, much of my time as a graduate student was spent staring at antiquated computer screens. That probably explains the hair, or what is left of it.