Jianming (James) Yang

B.Sc. (Tangshan Institute of Science and Technology), M.Sc. (Southern Institute of Metallurgy), PhD (Tianjin University), P.Eng.

  • Associate Professor
Contact Information

Ph: 709-864-8697
Em: jyang[at]mun.ca
Office: EN3056

  • Energy
  • Materials and Mechanics
  • Petroleum Engineering
Research Interests

Random vibration/dynamics of mechanical systems and fatigue prediction under random loading

Personal Profile

After receiving his master’s degree in mining machinery from the Southern Institute of Metallurgy in 1988, Dr. Yang spent eight years (1988-1996) in industry as a mechanical design engineer. Then he headed back to university, firstly as an associate professor at Guilin University of Electronic Technology (1996-1998), and then as a professor at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (2003-2006). Meanwhile, Dr. Yang spent three years (1998-2001) in Tianjin University doing PhD study, and two years (2001-2003) completing post-doctoral studies at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He joined the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Memorial University in Sept. 2010.

His research mainly deals with mechanical vibration/dynamics, in particular nonlinear random vibration/dynamics, and fatigue prediction of mechanical parts or structural members under random loading. His current research activities focus on modeling drillstring dynamics and fatigue control of drilling systems, as well as random vibration modeling on planetary gear trains installed on wind turbines.

Research Highlights

Random dynamics/vibration modeling of drillstrings; random stick-slip motion of drilling system and vibration control , fatigue prediction of drillstrings under random loading,Random vibration modeling of PGT on wind turbines.