Anand Sharan

B.Eng., M.Eng., PhD (Concordia), P.Eng.

  • Professor
Contact Information

Ph: 709-864-8930
Em: asharan[at]
Office: EN3068

Research Interests

Robotics, rotor dynamics, energy and environment

Personal Profile

I completed my undergraduate education in metallurgical engineering from I.I.T. in Bombay, India, a prestigious institution known worldwide in the field of engineering. I did two masters degrees, one in materials science and another in mechanical engineering from the Washington State University. I worked in industry for several years in the US and Canada before doing my PhD at Concordia University in mechanical engineering in 1982. Since then, I have been with the Memorial University and presently I am a professor in faculty of engineering.

I have had a variety of industrial and research experiences in the areas of energy, environment, machine tools, robots, and rotor dynamics which include turbines used in aircrafts, and power generation industry. I think I am best known for my research in the field of solar energy. I carry out research on basic necessities for human life such as clean water, clean air, greater productivity in agriculture such as prediction of monsoon rains for growing food-crop.

I also have interest in solving problems using archaeo-astronomical techniques such as establishing the historicity of the Epic Mahabharata similar to Homer’s Troy proved historical by Heinrich Schliemann whose excavations lent weight to the idea that Homer's Iliad reflects historical events.

I have published over 180 research papers, and invited lectures which include patents, monographs, eclipse tables between 4000BC to 2300 AD and several inventions. I am a fellow of American Society for Mechanical Engineers.