Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Memorial University.

Dr. Greg Naterer

It's a great time for students to pursue an engineering education at Memorial University. Based on a recent national survey of university graduates, engineering degrees represent five of the top 10 most valuable degrees to earn in Canada. A recent labour market study by Engineers Canada projected over 12,000 new job openings annually due to growth in traditional and emerging industries that employ engineers and replacement of retiring engineers.

Our faculty has a long, proud history of excellence in engineering education and research, beginning in 1930, and with its first accreditation by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) in 1975. We offer undergraduate, master's and doctoral programs in civil, computer, electrical, mechanical, ocean and naval architectural (unique in Canada) and process engineering. Further course-based graduate programs are offered in oil and gas, environmental systems and computer engineering. In total, these programs are offered to over 1,900 undergraduate and graduate students.

Our undergraduate co-operative education programs were among the first in Canada. These provide all students with exceptional work-study experiences with leading employers across Canada and beyond. A total of up to six work terms allow students to apply concepts and theories from courses to practical engineering projects in industry. Our students have received many awards. For example, Katy Warren, an electrical engineering student, won CBC Television's national title of Canada's Smartest Person.

The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science is experiencing an exciting period of growth with a projected increase of 300 graduate students and an increase from 170 to 250 undergraduates per year between 2012 and 2020. A massive new infrastructure project on campus - the Core Science Facility (CSF) (425,000 sq ft) - enables a significant portion of this expansion with modern, world-class engineering facilities. CSF will dramatically improve the functionality of Memorial's campus for decades to come and foster multi-disciplinary collaboration between science and engineering.

Many of our faculty members are internationally renowned and award-winning professors in their respective fields of research. Our annual external research funding exceeds $16 million per year. Numerous faculty members hold prestigious Industrial Research Chairs. These include the Wood Group Chair in Arctic and Harsh Environment Engineering, Canada Research Chair in Offshore Safety and Risk Engineering, Chevron Chair in Petroleum Engineering, Statoil Chairs in Reservoir Engineering and Analysis, CARD Chair in Ice Mechanics and NSERC/Husky Energy Industrial Research Chair in Safety at Sea.

Students have a unique opportunity to study and learn from professors using world-class facilities and laboratories. Some examples include the Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Laboratory, Computer Engineering Research Laboratories, a 50-metre Wave/Towing Tank, Environmental Systems Laboratory, Structures Laboratory, Advanced Drilling Laboratory and the Thermo-Fluids Laboratory. We also hold close affiliations and have access to on-site, world-renowned institutes, namely NRC's Ocean Technology Enterprise Centre, with its large ice tank, wave tank and sea-keeping basin and C-CORE, which houses one of the world's largest geotechnical centrifuges.

Our faculty provides the highest quality of education through teaching and research excellence, a vibrant educational environment and innovative programs. These provide our graduates with the skills needed by employers to succeed and become leaders of tomorrow. Our research programs are finding new solutions to global problems and educating future leaders, who will turn great ideas into new products and substantive changes to make the world a better place. Our faculty is advancing the frontiers that will transform industry and the society of the future.

I invite you to visit our website, which gives detailed information about our programs and research, and our most recent news and activities. I also personally welcome you to our campus to visit our laboratories and capabilities, and to meet our professors, staff and students.

Dr. Greg F. Naterer
Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science


Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

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